Tuesday, July 12

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Going Vintage Green Again

Green Vintage Quilt Love 1 - FarmgirlFare.com
The newest addition to my well loved and well used vintage quilt collection

Back when I lived in northern California, I spent a number of years as, among other things, a part time antiques and collectibles dealer. I love all kinds of vintage stuff, and the business was a fun way to fund my own slightly-out-of-control collecting habit.

These days I'm mostly on the buying end of things, but no matter which side of the business you're on, there's one important rule to always keep in mind: If you love it, you'd better snatch it up right now, because otherwise it'll probably disappear.

More photos and the rest of the story below. . .

This edict holds true whether you're treasure hunting at an outdoor flea market or in an upscale antiques shop, and is especially important when it comes to things like quilts, which are truly one of a kind.

I've seen numerous disappointed faces over the years as people passed something up and then came back—either days or even minutes later—only to find it had already gone home with somebody else. And I've done it myself more than once.

After becoming a farmgirl, I spent many years collecting heart shaped rocks and bird nests I found around the farm, rather than things I needed to buy. But a while back the treasure hunting bug bit me again, which is when I went vintage green the first time.

My rule is that everything I bring home has to make me happy when I look at it and be put to good use. There are all sorts of cool vintage bargains in our new house that came from my favorite junk mall, which is thankfully about 40 miles away in a direction we don't often travel, because otherwise I'd probably be in real trouble.

The reason I can justify all these new purchases? Because a lot of our old stuff isn't moving with us out of The Shack. Some of the furniture in here is kinda scary.

During last week's junk mall visit, I snapped up three handy storage pieces (two of which we had to go back for yesterday because there wasn't room in the truck for them), along with a bunch of fun little (and useful!) vintage birthday treasures. You can read more about my collecting habit, along with a recap of one of last year's buying sprees, which included another neat old quilt, here.

Last winter, in an attempt to exhibit at least some self control, I passed up three items I really wanted at the junk mall: a small oval restaurant ware dish in a size and pretty flowered pattern I'd never seen (I'm slowly switching over to mismatched restaurant ware as our everyday china), a battered old two-toned green enamelware colander (a couple of years ago I became enamored with vintage enamelware and now have, ahem, quite a few pieces of it), and this wonderful quilt. And when I went back a few months later, all three were miraculously still there.

It was obviously a sign. And the colander was even on sale.

The quilt is in beautiful condition and is one of the nicest in my collection, all of which we use on a regular basis. The green is just gorgeous. I love it.

Green Vintage Quilt Love 2 - FarmgirlFare.com

Green Vintage Quilt Love 3 - FarmgirlFare.com

Green Vintage Quilt Love 4 - FarmgirlFare.com

And apparently I'm not the only one.

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  1. Lovely quilt and a family favorite as it should be !~! To find items still there for you and on sale is truly a sign from a higher hunter and must be obeyed. I am sorting and purging in the fabric section of my space--it’s got its moments of joy and also of wonderment.

  2. Oh! That quilt is wonderful!! It is a beautiful color. What an incredible find for you and how amazingly lucky that it was still there! I love quilts - my very most favorite is a quilt my Mom made as a very young girl - it is such a treasure.

    You really have a great collection of quilts and they are obviously well loved by all!


  3. Happy belated birthday Farmgirl. What is it about that green that is sooo enchanting? I inherited a Dresden plate quilt top my grandmother made and its border is 30s yellow. I edged it with this very green. It is such a delicious color. Your quilt is a definite treasure. Congratulations. Stay hydrated please!

  4. That quilt is getting a lot of use already!

  5. It's so cute that you allow Bert up on the bed. With all his playing and mole digging, I bet he needs a good nap on the bed (with or without your special quilt)!

  6. Truly some treasures! The quilt is so beautiful and I love that the critters (cute doggie toes) appreciate it, as well! You have an incredible eye for treasures.
    I, too, love the old restaurant plates. I use them for everyday ware and enjoy them so much.
    Sending you some cool breezes from Cape Cod today...

  7. I want your junk store karma! The only quilts I ever find are completely worn out and usually have $50+ price tags. I guess I need to learn to sew so I can make my own.

    Congrats on moving into the new house! We have been on a similar building schedule. We've been "about to build" since 2006 and we finally started this spring. After stringing it along for so long, I am suddenly very impatient and want to move in right now! :)

  8. I really love that quilt. What a terrific find. Those tiny postage stamps would take forever.

    BTW, I read recently that due to some strange laws from the early 1900s, it is illegal to collect birds nests or eggs of any kind, even abandoned ones. I think it was in Mother Earth News or in Mary Jane's Farm Magazine. That was a complete surprise to me. You might want to check it out. I wouldn't want you to get into trouble for that.

  9. Beautiful quilt! Glad it was still there for you!

  10. I can't believe I forgot your birthday - aurgggg! Belated Joyful Birthday, sweet lady! And that quilt is just beautiful!

  11. Gorgeous (the quilt and the animals). I totally believe in the karma of if you were meant to have it then it will still be there when you get back! Old restaurant plates are not something I'm familiar with here in Australia. Sounds intriguing...I'd better start looking around.

  12. That Bert is such a ham! Love the way he lolls on his back in that oh-so-subtle "Hey! Cute dog here!" pose. I think he's doing the doggie version of photobombing. :^)


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