Monday, July 25

Monday Dose of Cute: Chillin' Out on a Hot Summer Day

More photos below. . .

Or at least trying to. . .

That's better.

She's our little Kit Kat Kate!
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12/3/10: Moving In
12/18/10: Hard at Work

©, where there's nothing like a several hour power (which also means water) outage on a hot summer night (just as you're heading over to your little air-conditioned camper, that's hooked up to the electric, tor dinner and a movie after a sweat-drenched day of farm work) to remind you of just how much you love electricity—and how easy it is to take that luxury for granted. The good news? The storm that knocked out the power also brought our parched fields a glorious half inch of rain.

As for the upside down cauldron, you never know when you'll need to brew up an enormous batch of. . . something. No electricity required, just a big fire—or a little magic.


  1. Hen 1: Watch out for those cats!
    Hen 2: Don't worry about the cats.

  2. When I 1st moved to the country, every time the wind blew the power would go out....

  3. Let's see now, do I have this right: First, no a/c in the new house, sloooooow Internet connection and now several hours of no power and no water??? (Somehow I think you've made the 'electrical Gods' very angry!!) Thank goodness you finally got rain!! Always something to be grateful for, huh?

    Love the chickens & the cats (and are those Bear's legs in the second picture?)


  4. The pictures are so cute. Hopefully your electricity will be back on real soon. Please send some of that rain you got here to the Houston,TX area. lol At least that's something good that happened for you.

  5. Yay for the rain! Boo for the power outage!

  6. Birds and animals here always seek the shade on a hot day. Guess they all do everywhere. Only thing is, ours think 75 and 80 degrees is a real hot day. They are so spoiled. And, so am I.

  7. Love the chicken pics! Is there anything in particular you do to help your flock stay cool in all this heat?


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