Friday, August 26

Farmhouse White: A Simple, Old-Fashioned Sandwich Bread Recipe for the Perfect BLT (or PBJ)

BLT on Farmhouse White bread with heirloom tomatoes from the organic kitchen garden -
Does anything taste better than a BLT on homemade bread?

The beginning of BLT season is something we eagerly and impatiently anticipate all summer long. For us, it's a momentous occasion that ranks right up there with birthdays and Thanksgiving.

The sandwiches, which we always have for dinner, must be made exactly right, with juicy and flavorful heirloom tomatoes from the organic kitchen garden, really nice bacon (preferably from a locally raised hog we had butchered to our specifications), crunchy iceberg lettuce (hey, we're in the Midwest), a thick slathering of Hellman's mayonnaise, and perfectly toasted slices of freshly baked Farmhouse White.

The season opens tonight.

If you've been longing to learn how to bake your own sandwich bread, my easy Farmhouse White is the perfect place to start, and the recipe includes detailed instructions for beginners. There are also lots of bread baking tips here and here.

Made with milk instead of water, this is a simple, traditional loaf that's nice and soft, but not too soft. It's great for just about any kind of sandwich and brings peanut butter and jelly, a staple around here, to a whole new level. It's wonderful toasted, smells heavenly while toasting, and makes an awesome BLT.

I've been baking this bread for 11 years and have watched plenty of people who claim they never eat white bread gobble slices up. It's one of my most popular recipes, and I've heard from so many nervous novices who are now confident bread bakers thanks to Farmhouse White. Maybe you'll be the next one!

Have you been enjoying BLTs this summer? How do you like yours?

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©, busy counting down the hours until dinner.


  1. Yep, sometimes good old white bread is just the thing to make the perfect sandwich! I also use milk when I make bread, I have never understood the reasoning behind using dry milk powder and water! LOL! Besides, I have my goat milk to use up! :) Your BLT looks AWESOME!! If you get a chance some day, hope you can stop by my blog for a look, you were my encouragement to start blogging!

  2. Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa. Richard from Amish Stories.

  3. Hi Susan! As I've mentioned before, my brother makes your Farmhouse White frequently and very often gives me a loaf of it! (I am very lucky, aren't I?) I always plan to learn to make it myself, but so far I haven't done so. (Lucky for me that my brother is willing to share!)

    It definitely is The Best Bread Ever! Seriously, toasted with a little jam on it is just pure heaven! YUMMM! I think I need to go toast a slice now!! (The precedeing was NOT a paid announcement!! ha!ha!)

    Thanks again, Susan, for sharing this wonderful bread recipe with us - Delicious!!!


  4. I love looking at your bread. Luckily I am genetically incapable of making anything with yeast in it, because if I COULD bake that stuff I'd weigh 300 lbs. So I'll just imagine the smell of it from your pictures. Thanks.

  5. FYI for those with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies: if you sub water for the milk this bread is still VERY delicious. I make it that way all the time. :)

  6. Yep. You inspired our lunch yesterday, once again. When the summer rainstorm canceled our backpacking trip, I baked bread, cooked up some bacon, sliced into some of my Better Boys and had the best sandwich of the year. Fantastic, this bread recipe. :-)

  7. If you run out of Iceberg, sliced cucumbers work just as well. AND if you run out of bacon, sliced cucumber and tomato sandwiches still fit the bill. Don't forget the mayo, it's key.

    Have to give your bread recipe a try.

  8. Thank you! for the Hellman's Mayo. I never could understand that salad dressing stuff disguised as mayo :) I can't wait to try your bread recipe!

  9. Try a,
    Tomato and Vidella Onion with a little salt and Hellmans's Mayo Sandwich....OMGosh!!!!!


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