Saturday, August 20

Saturday Dose of Cute: Treat Time at the Lamb Troughs (and Good Food in the People Troughs)

Treat time at the lamb troughs 1 -

More photos below. . .
Treat time at the lamb troughs 2 -

Are you feasting on anything wonderful this weekend? We've been eating well and close to home: breakfast was organic pb&j on Farmhouse White with glasses of local raw Jersey milk, consumed during this morning's power outage (another thunderstorm—yay!), and lunch was last night's leftover frittata made with our own eggs and ground beef, onions and freshly snipped chives, and doused with Sriracha sauce (or at least mine was).

Tonight we're grilling a couple of homegrown, grass-fed Angus rib steaks that we'll enjoy with a warm hunk of crusty baguette made with homebrewed beer, sweet red peppers from the kitchen garden dipped in Easy Lowfat Buttermilk Ranch Dressing, and a beautiful plate of sliced heirloom tomatoes—at last!

Simple food that tastes so good.

©, where those blue stripes on the backs of the lambs are made with special marking crayons we use to mark the sheep while working them, so we don't treat anybody twice.


  1. mmmm....after a recent cooking lesson in Tuscany, I decided to make a Tomato Bruscetta salad. Going to potluck and in charge of salad, but when I picked my tomatoes started craving Bruscetta and decided that just any old salad wouldn't do! It's yummy! I used the tomato water to make a dressing and wow, so good!! =)

  2. What a tasty homegrown feast!

  3. I love your blog! The old-fashioned culture that speaks of simplicity, the gorgeous scenery, the self-reliance and its resulting owning of responsibility is what fosters caring, productive citizens. Life can be full and simple and satisfying. Thank you for your wonderful blog -- and I also am thankful for technology, else I wouldn't even be seeing your work! :)

  4. Your food sounds so delicious!! My brother makes your Farmhouse White frequently and gives me a loaf (aren't I lucky?)!!! And Hoorah! for tomato season.

    Thanks, too, for the explanation about the blue markings on the backs of the sheep - I was wondering!


  5. The lambs look really happy with their treats and I bet you guy were LOVING yours!! My tomatoes are just now ripening too! YAY!!


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