Thursday, December 6

Molasses Ginger Spice Cookie Recipe: Make Them Big, Soft, and Chewy or Tiny, Cute, and Crunchy

Big and Soft Molasses Ginger Spice Cookies 1
An old-fashioned treat that brings back—and  makes—memories (recipe here)

I've been making these Big, Soft, and Chewy Molasses Ginger Spice Cookies all year round for at least 10 years, but they always seem so festive during the holidays, reminding me of ice skating and red mittens and crackling fires and early Christmas morning. I started baking and selling oversized cookies 27 years ago, and everyone from little kids to big tough men goes crazy for them.

Molasses ginger spice snap cookies 2
Even better by the little dozen? (recipe & molasses ginger cookie lore here)

What's especially nice is when one cookie batter will give you two completely different cookies, just by changing the size. These 2-inch Molasses Ginger Spice Snaps are cute and crunchy, and one batch bakes up 12 dozen cookies that store really well, making them perfect for gift giving. I like to pack them up in little cello bags and tie them with a colorful ribbon. Both versions of these cookies also freeze beautifully.

Happy holiday baking!

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©, where that freaky December heat wave is over, and we're back to frosty mornings, favorite quilts, hearty homemade soup, and snuggly sweats. It's the coziest time of year!


  1. The Mister and I love cookies! I always make giant batches of cookies, and freeze them for longer storage. I will have to make a batch of each. The ginger snaps will be first. Looking forward to trying them. Yum.

  2. 12 dozen cookies....that sounds like a lot!

  3. I actually printed out your recipe last week but I haven't had a chance to make them yet, maybe Sunday! :)

  4. Just printed out your recipe, have got to try this tomorrow Thanks :)

  5. I'm having a bit of trouble leaving comments from my iPad, so even though I've been reading your blog, my comments are ...well, who knows what's happening to them.

    Anyway, everything I've ever made from your vast collection of recipes has turned out great! I've made these before and I'm gonna make them again. Thanks, Susan, for sharing all of these great exiles with us!!!

  6. These look great! I've never had any luck making anything that involves molasses. Do you have any tips for using it?


  7. I will definitely try molasses ginger spice cookie recipe for our party in catering suffolk this weekend! I’m sure our guests will love the cookies!


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