Monday, December 10

Recipe: Easy Fudgy Chocolate Streusel Bar Cookies with (or without) Roasted and Salted Almonds

Easy Fudgy Chocolate Streusel Bar Cookies with Roasted and Salted Almonds 1 -
This quick dessert is great for holiday get togethers & goodie tins (recipe here).

I've been making these fudgy and foolproof Chocolate Streusel Bars for years. Like my popular Quick and Easy Raspberry Almond Bars, people always get so excited over them it's almost embarrassing to admit how easy they are to make. The top and bottom layers are the same batter, and the rich, fudgy middle is simply chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk melted in the microwave.

They're perfect for holiday munching and gift giving because they look good, travel well, and stay fresh for several days. The 9"x13" pan makes plenty, and you can cut them large or small. Enjoy!

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©, rounding out all that chocolate with plenty of freshly picked kale.


  1. Hi Susan - WOW! These look particularly decadent! And if you're going to eat something sweet and delicious, decadent is always good! Yum!


  2. This recipe looks like a winner! I might try with toasted pecans.

  3. This time last year, I was only selling breads and rolls at the Farmer's Market. Now that I have expanded my repertoire to include cookies, brownies, scones, etc., I will print this out and give it a try after the first of the year! I will let you know how I fare! :)

  4. Holy tamole! I am in LOOOVE! I can't wait to make these! AND your raspberry almond bars. I love anything with raspberry in them! my husband and i love to cook/bake/make all our stuff for our family. That's one thing we are really proud of being parents to two little honeys! Thank you for these recipes! Love to you, Lisa


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