Sunday, May 12

Sunday Dose of Cute: Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day (1) - Eugenie checking on her four-day-old twins - (2)
Eugenie checking on her four-day-old twins (taken February 2nd)

9 more mothering moments from the 2013 lambing season below. . .

Mother's Day (2) - Frenchie and her triplets -

Mother's Day (3) - Frenchie and her triplets -

Mother's Day (4) - Godiva and her newborn twins -

Mother's Day (5) - Eugenie's twins checking out FLB and her twins -

Mother's Day (6) - World's Best Pillow -

Mother's Day (7) - First time mother Helga and her twins -

Mother's Day (8) - Naptime -

Mother's Day (9) - E4 and her twins -

Mother's Day (10) - Friendly and her triplets -

Wishing all you mothers out there a wonderful, love-filled day.

Other Mother's Days:
5/12/07: Just in Time for Mother's Day. . .
5/11/08: Mother To Be
5/11/08: Newborn Bliss
5/8/12: Green Grass, Hungry Twins
5/13/12: Chomp, Chomp

Did you miss this year's lambing season? Catch up with all the cute here.

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  1. Every Mother's Day, I think of you and Cary. Any updates on her?

  2. Love all those little ones using mom for a pillow! :)

  3. The photos of the lambs sleeping on top of their Moms are to precious for words

  4. can't believe it has been since 2006 - I remember so clearly the story of baby Cary -- kept thinking you were a tad crazy to allow her to have access to inside the cabin (until I kept rejected goat kids in my laundry room!) Been a wonderful time watching your farm change and grow - I hope to come back to blogging sometime this year - even without a farm anymore

  5. I do really enjoy seeing the daily events on the farm. The lambs are special.

  6. Adorable sweet pictures. You can even see smiles on some of the moms faces. :)


  7. These pictures are just TOO CUTE, so appropriate for Mother's day. I agree Erika, I'd swear Friendly is smiling in that last pic!

  8. Wow! I think you need to post these on I can hardly take it, these sweeties are so cute. Can I come over to play?

  9. Precious! Four day old baby lambs aren't something my kids can see nearby. (Bears raiding our trash. yes, but not lambs!) Thank you for posting!

  10. Twins - so cute! When we were young, my brother had every type of critter on our hobby farm, including sheep.


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