Friday, May 17

Tail End of the Week: Get Your Friday Farm Fix #26

Welcome to the Friday Farm Fix, a sporadic series where I share a random sampling of what's been happening around the farm during the past week. Just joining us? You'll find all the previous Friday Farm Fix posts here and here.

(26-1) Incoming! -

I'm not quite sure where this past week went, so I'm not quite sure what all we did during it besides a whole bunch of laundry. I think we had some rain; I know we hoped for more.

We said farewell to the wet weather creek, which hasn't run this long in years. Hopefully we'll see it again before next spring.

There was lots of lawn mowing and weed whacking and mulching the raised kitchen garden vegetable beds with green gold (aka grass clippings).

I cooked a fresh ham roast and made a batch of Soft and Chewy Oatmeal Coconut Cookies and a batch of double chocolate chip cookies and baked three Four Hour Classic Parisian Daily Baguettes.

We hooked the 16-foot flatbed trailer up to the '86 pickup and spent 11 hours out buying lumber and groceries and supplies while the new cat, whose name at this point is still That Cat, went to the vet to get tutored (my mother is probably the only one who will get this decades-old Far Side cartoon reference).

We ate big freshly picked Swiss chard and kale chopped salads most nights and had macaroni and cheese with leftover ham three times (I may have made a little too much).

Oh yeah, there were two (!) big black snakes curled up together in one of the nesting boxes in Rooster Andy's coop. Black snakes LOVE fresh eggs. The slithery couple was put in a cooler (which wasn't easy) and relocated to another part of the farm, hopefully far enough away so they don't make their way back. I actually snapped a couple of pictures, but I didn't think you'd want to see them.

And I guess that's about all—or at least all I can remember. The rest is in pictures.

18 more photos below (hover your cursor over each image for a description). . .

(26-2) Weed whacking with style -

(26-3) Sneaking out of the cat cabin (after a little cat food snack) -

(26-4) Treat time in Donkeyland -

(26-5) Mighty hunter Mr. Midnight stalking through the short grass -

(26-6) Mulching the late planted (March!) garlic bed with grass clippings -

(26-7) Two lambs get a cool drink from the wet weather creek -

(26-8) I always think of these as little fairy flowers -

(26-9) The new cat is an expert at lounging -

(26-10) Early morning in the hayfield -

(26-11) Mulching the Pontiac Red potato bed with hay and sheep manure from the barn -

(26-12) In just five days the potato plants grew up through the mulch -

(26-13) Finally leveling out the leach lines, just 18 months after the septic system was put in  -

(26-14) Rooster Andy and his six hungry honeys -

(26-15) April showers brought May flowers -

(26-16) Daisy and the sheep in Donkeyland (Marta's out there somewhere too) -

(26-17) Volunteer Swiss chard and a pot of Greek oregano in the greenhouse -

(26-18) The kitchen garden, part of The Shack, and laundry flapping on the line (taken from the backyard of the new house) -

(26-19) There's nothing better than a happy beagle -

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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©, where That Cat's full name right now seems to be That Cat Has No Respect for Garden Beds! But as Joe likes to say, "He's young and improving." I say it's a good thing he's so sweet and cute.


  1. "(my mother is probably the only one who will get this decades-old Far Side cartoon reference)." NOT so. I well remember the look on the faces of the dogs inside the car as they bragged ti the dogs on the curb about how "And then... we're going to get tutored!"

    Who can ever forget that one !~!

  2. I remember the Far Side cartoon too! I have a couple of Far Side books and look at them when I need a laugh. I WANT TO SEE THE SNAKES(sorry I yelled that)

  3. Great photos! 'Love Beagle Bert! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. Everything is so much greener than it was last year! I love these Friday Farm Fixes. It's great to see what is happening around your farm.

  5. Love seeing all that beautiful green at your place and That Cat does look like a sweetie! :)

  6. I want to see the snake photos. A few years ago, I found a large garter snake in my heated basement (think that he was attempting to avoid the extreme cold outdoors and lack of snow insulation - house has a 3-foot thick stone foundation). I put him in a cage in my garage and kept him until the warm weather came. I used to see him in the garden that summer. Love snakes!

  7. I'd like to see the snake photos, too. I didn't know that snakes love fresh eggs, but I guess that makes sense if I think about it.

  8. I'm with anonymous and Charleydog and Barb - I would love to see the snake photos. Way up north here I am just getting my vegetable garden in, it's lovely to see your farm all full of green gold!

  9. Can you tell me what the yellow/orange flower is? That same plant is growing in my great grandma's yard, and we have yet to identify it as she has been gone about 18 years now.

    1. Hi Amy,
      Aren't those sweet little flowers? Years ago I was given a cutting from a woman in her 70s for the garden at my previous farm, and then I brought a cutting with me to this one. This is what a friend said when I posted photos of the flowers back in 2005:

      It's a Kerria Japonica (also called bachelor button, Jew's mallow, sailor's button...) Mine were growing in deep forest at my last house, we pulled some up and they've been happily growing in pretty much every kind of condition we've thrown at them. You can thwack it back to shape it some but it seems happier when let run along a fence line or other such place you want a semi-sheer plant screen.


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