Friday, May 10

Tail End of the Week: Get Your Friday Farm Fix #25

Welcome to the Friday Farm Fix, a sporadic series where I share a random sampling of what's been happening around the farm during the past week. Just joining us? You'll find all the previous Friday Farm Fix posts here and here.

(25-1) Hay inspectors back on the job -
Hay inspectors back on the job.

It's been quite a while since I posted the last Friday Farm Fix, but the other day Joe and I were talking about how much we both miss this series. We love being able to look back and see everything that was happening around here during a specific week, and I confess to sometimes including extra photos especially for us.

This time I thought I would also a list of some of the things we've been doing around the farm, for those of you who are interested. If you've been missing your Friday Farm Fix, I hope you enjoy this cute-filled, spring green installment.

So what's been happening on the farm during the past week? We've been busy. . .

—Eating giant freshly picked kale and Swiss chard salads nearly every night.

—Splashing through the creek.

—Worming the sheep and trimming some hooves.

—Planting 10 pounds of Yukon Gold potatoes (the 5 pounds of Pontiac Reds already in the ground and a few inches tall froze this week but should hopefully make a full recovery).

—Reorganizing the walk-in pantry (it looks and feels so much better in there!)

—Cracking up at our new farm cat (a proper introduction will hopefully be coming soon, maybe when he gets a real name).

—Getting invaded by armadillos (including one that almost dug its way into the shop, which is attached to the house, the other night at 10pm).

—Enjoying the unseasonably cool (mostly under 80°) and beautiful mid-spring weather.

—Locking seven wayward, disappointed donkeys back in Donkeyland (I told you they'd start misbehaving).

—Stopping to smell the lilacs.

—Trying to fix the broken sickle bar mower and the little antique diesel tractor so they're ready for haying season (with a minor head wound to Joe and a sledgehammer to my finger in the process—ouch).

—Celebrating the much needed rain and hoping it keeps on coming.

—Polishing off the third (!) batch in a row of these addictive (and almost too easy to make) Baby Chocolate Chip and Toffee Shortbread Cookies (hint: you can double the recipe).

—Loving all this gorgeous green.

16 more photos below (hover your cursor over each image for a description). . .

(25-2) Leaping lambie -

(25-3) Stealth donkeys sneaking past Daisy -

(25-4) Donkey staredown -

(25-5) Our new cat thinks he owns the place -

(25-6) It's hard to believe Lucky Buddy Bear is eleven -

(25-7) Double dipping at the organic mineral salt block -

(25-8) Beagle on the run -

(25-8a) The sweet smell of lilacs is in the air - - Copy

(25-9) Lots of lemon balm and Swiss chard in the homemade greenhouse  -

(25-10) Sheep in Donkeyland, which is currently our best looking field -

(25-11) Wayward donkeys coming through the gate back onto the property -

(25-12) Heading back from a hike to Donkeyland -

(25-13) Happy dogs splashing through the wet weather creek -

(25-14) The dogwoods are blooming like crazy -

(25-15) The latest addition to my heart rock collection, not perfect but it still counts -

(25-16) Gotta go -

Have a wonderful weekend!

©, the four dog foodie farm blog where our beloved Marta Beast is doing fine; she's just been too busy watching over her sheep (and dealing with all those pesky armadillos) to pose for any photos.


  1. So glad all is green and well! It's good to see Missour-ah lookin' so much better and wetter!

  2. The Friday Farm Fix! We miss it! That photo of Lucky Buddy Bear is special---he is a special dog it's plain to see. When does mole patrol begin!?

    No wonder the new cat thinks he owns the place...long haired cats seem to have that way about them, don't they?!

    Thanks for the fix. I have been cutting and smelling lilacs all week---enjoy them while they last,right? Aromatherapy at it's finest.
    Glad to see the donkeys (a.k.a. The Magnificent Seven) are back in where it is safer for them.

  3. The pictures are a fix. I need my garden around me, unfortunately that is no longer enough. I love your farm, animal photos. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I didn't realize how much I missed the Friday Farm Fix until I saw this great Spring rundown. Armadillos? ACK! So glad your pantry feels right now. We moved to this new kitchen (much smaller, which is a hint to how beautiful the property is..;)) and for the first many, many months, it was just not right. Honestly, still is not right, but the veg garden is so awesome, I'm fine with it :). Anyway, glad yours is right for you! Love, love, love and the great shots of the farm and the critters. Happy Spring dear girl!

  5. A creamsicle kitty! Can't wait to hear the story of how s/he appeared!

  6. Beautiful photos! Every time I see a heart shaped rock, I think of you! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  7. Wonderful Farm Fix - Thanks! You guys have the MOST beautiful chickens!!! And I love that picture of your dogs walking in the stream - great!!!

  8. The wet weather creek looks so inviting!:-) All of the pictures are just simply gorgeous!

  9. We have the same cat! Well except that ours is female. (you can see her here - ) A blog friend told me that she thinks she is part Maine Coon, and if you look at photos online you'll see a resemblance! They are highly intelligent and very affectionate. Our girl now has several nicknames, including Our Little Gymnast and Hellion :) Let's just say there isn't an armoire or bookcase she hasn't scaled in our home! Can't wait to see what you name your sweet new baby!

  10. Your blogs make my heart and soul so happy! Thank you for sharing your world of nature and simplicity (which I realize requires lots of patience, love, and hard work!)

  11. Can I please come and live with you? I promise to earn my keep. Love your farm and all the beautiful animals. Thanks for the smiles.


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