Thursday, June 13

Thursday Dose of Cute: Down at the Sheep Barn

Sheep working Monday (1) -

Four more photos and a Jasper report below. . .

Sheep working Monday (2) -

Sheep working Monday (3) -

Sheep working Monday (4) -

Sheep working Monday (5) -

Not wanting to be outdone by badge master beagle Bert, our new farm cat Jasper has been working on his junior stock dog badge. Last night he even hiked way out into the tall grass of the front field with me to check on the donkeys and the sheep.

Unfortunately the sheep don't like the idea of having a stock dog who is a cat, even one in training, and a couple of the tougher ewes will charge angrily toward Jasper whenever they see him, which then sets the whole flock after him. This can be especially terrifying if you're very short. Fortunately Jasper is fearless and quick.

He also isn't the kind of guy who gives up easily. But in the name of safety (mainly his), he's decided that it might be best to learn this whole stock dog thing from a distance, preferably with a nice sturdy fence or gate between him and the oncoming woolly threat.

More Jasper? Here.
More sheep working shots? Here.

©, where Sheep working Sunday (a few hooves trimmed, a few sheep wormed, two recent minor surgery patients checked on, garlic juice and apple cider vinegar given to everyone as a natural wormer and overall health tonic) was held on Monday this week, and I've been confused about what day it is ever since.


  1. Aw, poor Jasper :)
    Janie x

  2. No doubt Jasper will outsmart these stubborn sheep and earn his stock dog badge. I have three guard cats. The doorbell rings, they perk up their ears and head toward the door.

  3. Poor Jasper, everyone needs a job, don't the sheep know that....

  4. Hysterical! Love stock dog in training Jasper!

  5. Love your column and photos - thank you for sharing!!!! Pam

  6. Silly sheep! Don't they know Jasper is just trying to keep them safe?!? :)


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