Friday, June 17

Daily Farm Photo: 6/17/05

Patchy Cat Keeps A Lookout


  1. that's a very cute cubby cat. hope he works the farm as well as he looks.

  2. Oh, Patchy Cat is just amazing. I originally planned to call this photo Farm Boss Patchy Cat, as he is the one who really runs the place! He supervises everything and sleeps in the barn with the sheep at night on a big sack of wool. I see him in so many different places I'm still not sure that there aren't actually three of him roaming around here. He'll definitely be making future appearances in my posts, as some of his antics are hysterical.

    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

  3. JET: Hi

    I know that cat. What a neat site. Looking forward to seeing Patchy and the other animals on the farm. I will have to get Carol to try the receipe for the pizza.

  4. Wonderful to be able to pop onto the computer and see new beautiful life. I'm very glad you got this up and running, and I can vicariously live out the farmer's lifestyle, minus the spiders and weather.

    As I sit at my desk plotting world domination through publishing, I know I can pop out to Missouri any time I want to, and visit the hilarious ups and downs of a different life.

    Love the kittycat...that explains why there are six running my life right now...

  5. Thank you for sharing. You bring
    back some warm memories for me. I worked and lived on a farm
    in Gainesville Florida. I loved the
    deafining silence. I had to leave my cat there, his name is oscar, he's a red tabby. I didn't want to take him to the city where I live now, because he's so happy to be able to roam the open country and hunt; he's in his natural element.
    Too bring him to the city to live in an apartment would be cruel.


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