Thursday, June 30

Daily Farm Photo: 6/30/05

This Way To The Hen Houses


  1. You are seriously tormenting me with your incredibly cute pictures. I need to go visit a farm, real soon. Preferrably yours. :) I'll cook!

  2. OK, second offer to cook, and I can flip an omlet even after a a bottle of Veuve Cliquotte!!!

    Guess who???

  3. So what tempting dishes are you going to make with your farm fresh eggs?

  4. Anne & Anonymous (I know who you are!):
    Wow, the offers are just piling up! (Of course you haven't seen the accommodations. . . :)

    When my mother visits, she always says I make her "work for food." Of course then she says "I can't work; I'm holding Patchy Cat." But her favorite line is "When do we eat?"

    Clare: Oh, I should make some of those divine looking ham & egg nests you made last week. I'm low on chickens right now, and they aren't laying many eggs. (At one point we were getting 100+ eggs a week.) Now they mostly end up in baked goods--not a bad way to go!

  5. oh.... i'm so happy i found your blog. -- hope you don't mind if i link you up. -- from a farmer wannabe

  6. Hi Stef,
    I'm so happy you found my blog, too. And I love to be linked! Thanks!


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