Monday, November 3

Monday Farm Photos:
A Girl's Gotta Draw the Line Somewhere

Keeping A Close Watch on the Enemy

This is Robin. She hates donkeys. Hates them even more than cows, and she hates cows a lot.

When our wandering herd of five donkeys meanders up by The Shack (which happens at least a couple of times a day), our usually smiling beagle turns all menacing looks and ferocious barks (unless she's curled up indoors in one of her cat beds). This has been going on for years. And when she starts barking, she sets off Bear, who (because he does not hate donkeys) naturally believes there is an actual, non-donkey threat about to jump out of the woods and attack. He gets very excited. Every single time.

Does She Look Pissed or What?

I could never figure Robin out until I read that dogs can smell ten thousand times better than we can. Fifty thousand donkeys in my yard? I suppose I wouldn't be all that happy either.

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  1. Having seen your photos of happy Robin, that is actually shocking, the change on her face! How funny, the dynamic between the dogs and the other animals.

  2. Good Evening Farmgirl Susan

    Tell Robin that she is getting to old to get so bent out of shape....

    Again you bring a smile to my face, she sure is NOT happy..

    Are you enjoying the cooler weather?

    Enjoy your evening.

    Sharon from Western Michigan

  3. To YOU they don't smell bad - obviously to Robin they smell vile - like donkettes trying to grab the attention of the two legged ones who belong ONLY to Robin and sometimes Bear. Jealousy - she is a vicious taskmistress (I started to write taskmaster and realized I was mixing genders a tad too liberally). Anyhoo - Love You Robin - we have a special older dog in our household who has declared eternal enmity with squirrels - she hates where they walk!

  4. OK, that made me laugh! Robin looks right pissed off.
    And I can picture Bear freaking out, as my Australian Shepherd mix gets upset every single time a dog barks .... he only barks in times of (what he considers) extreme warning, so he gets worried and whines any time another dog barks. You should see him get confused when any dog barks during play!

  5. My four dogs grew up away from horses. Now that we have a small farm and brought the horses "home," the dogs can't get accustomed to having the horses around. We have a separate fenced field for the dogs, since we can't trust them in with the horses.

    The dogs seem to think that the horses are intruders, possibly very large dogs, and that the dogs need to noisily prevent the horses from trespassing (you know, on THEIR side of the fence). Even after five years, they rush the fence barking when the horses get anywhere near--they even demand to be let out if they're inside and the horses wander a bit too close to the fence.

    The horses mostly regard this with amusement.

  6. great photo. It is now my computer desktop. We board our horse at a farm that also has a donkey and I've gotta tell ya- Donkeys have personality and then some!

    Ellen and Dante' from the Oregon Coast

  7. Can you imagine Robin's ecstasy on Thanksgiving? UMM, all those turkeys roasting.

  8. Susan, this post made me laugh out loud. Robin is so cute in her old days. Our beloved Tabi is 13 years old and getting to be set in her ways... A LOT !!!!! Still enjoy reading your blog every day.

  9. Our dogs have decided that cyclists on the road are their sworn enemies. The cyclists always look really startled to hear the baying of three big dogs from our lawn. Little do they know the collies are more likely to lick their faces than bite them.

    It's important to have good guard dogs. Even if they're only guarding you from your donkeys.

  10. Funny you should post on Robin and donkeys today...I had a dream last night about donkeys. And a little dog. No, I don't know what it means, either.

  11. Robin is such a good dog. Maybe she is just keeping Bear in fighting condition?

  12. Aw bless her, she's to sweet to be that sad. I hope you post a happy picture of her soon!

  13. Robin has probably been there long enough to call everything her territory so she has every right to be pissed. Lol! :) What a cutie.


  14. She totally means business. No donkey will be advancing on your sheep with that dog at the helm.

    Of course, the donkeys and sheep exist peaceably, but if one of them ever steps out of line - Robin will be the first one to point it out ;)

  15. I have a Robin named BoDog. He does not like my donkey, Jack. Jack does not like any animal besides Belle the jersey cow.
    I think I may have days where I have that Robin look
    I'll have to work on that.
    Have a great day.

  16. How does Robin feel about the llamas? :P


  17. Poor Robin! Her life must be one busy time to keep the donkeys where they belong!

    Peanut keeps the bears and alligators out of the yard. Especially in the dark, when I can't see them sneaking up on me, Peanut will protect me from those horrible monsters. You know, I have never SEEN one, but Peanut assures me that they are THERE and she will keep them at bay.

    Oh, the life of a protector - never ends!

  18. ROFL...that is too funny! Poor doggy with all those smells!

  19. I got a particularly good chuckle out of this post, as I have 3 Beagles. They are definitely amusing little characters, and I adore them!

  20. Herd of five? Did you move Dan to separate quarters while the ladies are in season, or sell your extra male?

  21. for some reason, the first pic reminds me of the Alex Colville painting, "Hound in the Field". maybe just with the dog at the lower right of the pic. lovely.


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