Saturday, November 29

Saturday Daily Dose of Cute: Thirsty Girls

It Takes A Lot of Water to Look This Cute (
Treats Help, Too)

Want to see more donkey cuteness?
(some categories overlap)
Evie Photos
Esmeralda Photos
Dolores Photos
Daphne Photos
Donkey Doodle Dandy Photos
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And even more Donkey Photos

© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where this afternoon as we were driving past the five donkeys in the front field (we still have Dinky, too, but he has to be kept separate from Dan) Joe said, "I hadn't noticed that Evie has Neopolitan ears—they're dark brown at the base, vanilla in the middle, and light chocolate on top." "You mean like the ice cream?" "Yeah, only she doesn't have strawberry."


  1. Very cute girls - yep getting all their hydration. They are each so distinctive in appearance - are you going to try to keep all the donkeys?

  2. So Dan gets all the girls, and Dinky's all by his lonesome? Well, that seems kinda sad.

  3. What little darlings! I just love the one on the left with the puffy tuft on her head.

  4. Oh my, those donkeys are darling!

  5. Oh, heavens! I had no idea bebbeh donkeys were so cute!

    So, tell--what do your donkeys do around the farm when they're not posing for adorable pictures?

  6. So glad I found you. Until I get my own little farm I will enjoy can never have too much cute!!

    Warm Wishes,

  7. They are all just too cute!

  8. Who knew that you could loves donkeys this much? They are so adorable - I can never get enough donkey-cuteness. Thanks!

  9. I love the shaggy one best, but they all are cute.

  10. I just love the daily dose of cute idea!! whatever the subject for a blog, it brings people together to say aaaahhhh to a cute photo.

  11. Okay, that is IT. I'm packing up all 22 cats and Myrtle Mae, and am moving to Missouri to snuggle donkeys for a living.


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