Thursday, November 6

Thursday Daily Dose of Cute: Maybe Marta

Some days it's hard to tell.

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  1. Oh poor sad Marta, she don't even know that she is dirty....
    Looks like bath time, cute picture...

    Sharon from Western Michigan

  2. What a big woolly darling - is she an English sheepdog?

  3. Oh what a MESS! So darn cute :)

  4. Aw, Marta looks like she's been working hard. Or something. When we moved into our current house, the first time we met the neighbor's livestock guardian dog he was covered in mud, had goat poop matted into his fur, and smelled fairly strongly of skunk. And of course he was very friendly and wanted us to pet him. We called him "Stinky" for weeks before we learned that his real name was Isaac.

  5. You gotta love that Marta. Funny dirty dog!

  6. I seem to remember there were two big wooly pups a while back. Is Marta alone now? Or is she just more photogenic?

  7. What an adorable expression! Her eyes just say it all.

  8. Yeah--it's hard enough for the people to stay clean, forget the dogs.

  9. Marta is still adorable. What had she been doing to get that dirty? Where's a picture of the other big white dog?

  10. She looks like she thinks she may be getting in trouble for this.
    Very cute!

  11. Marta has that "am I in trouble" look on her face. I bet she had fun while it lasted. Cute picture.

  12. Lots of dog, lots of area to be dirty dog! Nice thing about outside animals, being dirty is an OK thing. Good picture

  13. I love your blog! You always remind me how wonderful it was to live on the farm as a young girl! To thank you I have given you an award!

  14. Where would the fun be if everyone was clean?

  15. Thanks for another awesome Recipe Roundup, Susan. I just posted it to the FoodieView blog. It looks great!!! The Lamb Burgers are seriously calling my name ;)

  16. Definitely Marta! There's really no point in being a dog if you can't get down and dirty. She does look a little worried, though, that mum will put her in a tub of hot sudsy water. ; )


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