Tuesday, December 16

Six Things:
Sites, Sounds, & Stuff I'm Loving Right Now

Measuring Up & Then Some—The Pull-Out Display is Awesome

1. This scale (voted #1 by me & America's Test Kitchen).

2. This South Carolina bear rescue story from the wonderful Wild Animal Sanctuary (grab a tissue and your checkbook).

3. This song, 'I'm Yours,' by Jason Mraz (can't get enough of it).

4. This Menu for Hope food bloggers' fundraiser (the prizes get more incredible every year—and it's all for a great cause).

5. This $5 off holiday magazine sale at amazon.com (the easy gift that gives for a year—feed loved ones for $10 or decorate for $7).

6. This Food & Environment Electronic Digest newsletter (FEED, get it?) from the Union of Concerned Scientists (such a cool organization).

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  1. That scale looks awesome!! I love your blog!

  2. How did I miss ATK's scale test?! One more thing to add to my Christmas list. And now I'm off to check out the other things you're loving. 8-}

    Check out my first giveaway!

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  3. happy happy holly days.....i love your blog....i used to BE a member of the union of concerned scientists....more sheep and puppy stories!!!!



    bubba , way cuter than marley, ready for a book and movie deal!

  4. Yes, so wonderful about the SC bears! And the lion family rescued from a circus in Mexico.

  5. I have one of those scales, and it is the best. I also have a tip about it! It fits wonderfully in a 1 gallon sized ziplock bag. I never remove mine from the bag, and it stays nice and clean. Unless you are doing a very small measure it doesn't effect the performance at all.

  6. Could someone tell me the name of the Mraz song. I'm having trouble with the link.

  7. that scale is just perfect!! How many times have I tried to squint around my bowl or saucepan or whatever!!

  8. Susan- I DO like that song! I went to his website and read that he was blown away when he went to Sweden and 6,000 people started singing the song back to him! How cool is that?!

    Thanks for the blog this year (this is my first complete year of reading it). It is one of the best things in my buzzards11@yahoo.com inbox!

    Happy holidays and a Happy New Year!

  9. Hey Susan, I'm a little behind on my blog reading, so I just saw this post. Thanks so much for the plug for UCS and FEED! We're glad you find this resource so useful.

    Being behind also means I keep missing all your giveaways. Drat. New Year's resolution: check out Farmgirl Fare daily, just in case!

    One more thing you should know: there are some pears getting soft on my kitchen counter, so I think I'll FINALLY try your much-lauded pear-ginger version of the bran muffins...

    Happy holidays and keep warm!


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