Thursday, December 18

Thursday Farm Photo: Bottoms Up!

That Buttery, Crunchy, Cast Iron Skillet Crust is My Favorite Part

Congratulations to Kristin of Going Country (where "city girl+country boy=one bizarre life") who is the random winner of a signed copy of The Cornbread Gospels by Crescent Dragonwagon! In her comment she said, I can't control myself around cornbread. Especially warm with butter and honey. Yum. I'm the same way. This book is probably a little dangerous for both of us.

A big thanks to everybody for entering and sharing your cornbread recipes, stories, and memories. I always feel like I'm the real winner when I hold a giveaway because I get to read all these heartwarming, hysterical, and just plain wonderful comments.

Stay tuned because I have several more great books to give away. In the meantime, if you love (or think you might love) homemade cornbread, then The Cornbread Gospels is for you. Besides containing over 200 scrumptious cornbread and goes-with-cornbread recipes, it's packed with all sorts of fun cornbread facts and stories—and is a bargain at just $10.17 from The cast iron skillet is optional but highly recommended. They're one of the best kitchen buys on the planet because they last forever and only get better with age—and besides, just look at that crust.

And now if you'll excuse me, I think I hear that one last hunk of cornbread in the kitchen loudly calling my name.

© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where I've decided I really haven't eaten enough cornbread in my life (and am embarrassed to admit that I don't think I've ever had it with chili, which so many of you said is delicious) so as of today I'm aggressively setting about to rectify the situation.


  1. NO WAY. Now how am I supposed to keep from eating my weight in cornbread and thereby exponentially increasing said weight? I'm sending every other recipe I try to you, so you can share the damage.

    Thanks, Susan! Can't wait to look at the book.

  2. egads - never had cornbread and chili -- I do hope that situation has been corrected ASAP. I started thinking of that scene in Forest Gump when his friend Bubba was listing all the things made with shrimp - same thing for cornbread!

  3. Congrats Kristin!! Lord knows you need something to keep you warm during another Blackrock winter - make a bunch of cornbread to eat in front of the woodstove.

    Just move the cat first.

  4. Wandered upon your blog tonight and have had a ball reading the post and comments about cornbread. I'm a Kentucky Hills Girl, raised on cornbread...which we ate with everything! I MUST check out the book you've recommended! I've always loved my great-grandmother's cornbread recipe, but I'm open to new experiences! :-) I've got the best iron skillet a girl could ask for, so I'm ready for a few more recipes!

    Thanks for the smiles and a delightful post!

  5. yum, corn bread and anything!

    also the reason for 300 jars of cake was that I used to sell them at craft fairs.

  6. Mmm. That post made me hungry

  7. Congratulations to Kristin! After reading all these amazing Comments about cornbread, I'm going to make some too. Of course, now I'm convinced I need a cast iron skillet's always something!

    Thanks again for sharing such a fun blog with us! Love it!

  8. It is a great book, I bought it a little while ago on your recommendation. Just made the cornsticks with the scallions and cheddar last night!

  9. Ooh I am going to have to make some corn bread now.

  10. Making the recipe for chocolate biscotti and have a question...when I turn the temp back to 275 how long do I bake it at that temp? Thanks and Happy Winter Solstice!


  11. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all your comments! : )

    Hi LS,
    Hey, at least I was willing to admit it, embarrassing as it was. ; )

    Hi Paula,
    Welcome to the farm!

    Hi Aunt K,
    I'd never heard of cake in a jar until I read about it on your blog the other day, and then yesterday I saw it mentioned in a magazine. I have a feeling it'll be everywhere for a while. Isn't is weird how that happens?

    Hi Natashya,
    So glad you're enjoying the book. I'll have to check out that recipe - I love scallions and cheddar.

    Hi Joan
    Here are the baking times from my chocolate biscotti recipe post:

    6. Reduce oven to 275 degrees. Let logs cool as long as you can (the cooler they are, the easier to cut), and then slice into 1/2-inch thick slices. Arrange the slices on baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes. Remove from oven, carefully turn slices over, and bake for another 20 minutes. Cool on a wire rack. Store in an airtight container or freeze.

    Hope this helps. Happy baking! : )


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