Tuesday, December 9

Tuesday Daily Dose of Cute: Three's Company

Soaking Up Some Sun After Breakfast in the Front Field

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  1. The ears of your sheep just make me smile - they stick so perfectly OUT and not UP. One of those classic pictures you take - sheep lying down in a pasture.

  2. They are absolutely lovely. What a view.

  3. Cute indeed! Love the ears.

  4. That is just beautiful.

  5. I love this picture! It just looks so peaceful. I could stare at them out a window all day (if I had to be inside)!

  6. Ah, green grass and sunshine, how I miss you. Our woollies are not so lucky--they're on an all-hay (and mineral) diet already.

  7. This should truly be a postcard! They look so sweet with those black faces and wooly bodies. Nice shot.

  8. I love their black heads - they are beautiful. Looks like this picture was taken on a beautiful day!

  9. They are darling! Thanks for sharing.


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