Thursday, March 5

Thursday Dose of Cute: Last Snow Photo of the Season

Don't They Just Look

© Copyright 2009, the hot and cold foodie farm blog where the weather can make up its mixed up mind any old time. Twelve degrees two mornings ago and a balmy 70 this afternoon. The daffodils even poked up!


  1. you don't have to stop with the snow photos on my account!! i live vicariously through you... and those donkeys are adorable no matter how they look! :)

  2. Oh I know what you mean. At least we've not had the snow down under but certainly the changeable weather makes it hard to plan and hard to make progress. I'm not sure I'd get tired of deep snow pictures!

  3. Those sweet animals..I just want to hug-em and feed them a treat! You never know for sure about the weather..Mother Nature seems to have a mind of her own!

  4. The weather swings are crazy, aren't they? We are also expecting a warming spell, and I hope it is here for good! How do the animals take to the changes in the seasons? Confused, or just glad to see the sun?

  5. Oh no no no no no no no no - they do not look thrilled at all. Bet they are waiting for greener pastures. But tell you what your pictures thrill me to bits! I just love the snow - even though it means roughing it out a bit. And taking bumps and bruises if you happen to slip. What about the cook book???

  6. Thrilled is not the word I would use!

  7. The poor things. I think that in your spare time you should knit sweaters for them.

  8. "Last snow photo of the season"...Famous last words, Susan...

  9. I knew it. I knew your daffodils were going to be up soon, snowstorm or not! We still have umpteen foots of snow, ice and misery, but I guess I can count on seeing your buds and blooms soon. Maybe I should move to Missouri.

  10. Is it just me...but they always are pictured standing at the gate. Waiting to get out, maybe?

  11. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for your comments. I'm already missing the snow and crisp cool air - today it was sunny, humid, and 86 degrees! Talk about feeling weird outside.

    Hi Livinginalocalzone,
    Like me, the animals prefer that the weather changes weren't quite so drastic - and we all prefer cooler temperatures! We were really worried about them last week since it was so cold and they'd just been sheared, but they survived (they snuggled up together in their huts, and the older ones got to huddle under a big heat lamp) and now they're thrilled to have those heavy coats off. : )

    These hot and cold spells aren't good for the animals in general - it's tough on their systems. If it gets cold again (one can hope!), we'll probably have a lot of sheep with runny noses for a few days.

    Hi Samantha,
    I'm frantically working on the cookbook! First deadline is next week, which is why I haven't been posting and replying to comments as much as I'd like to.

    Meals have been a little odd around here, too. Tonight I ate half a head of cooked cauliflower (and nothing else - not that I had any room for it, LOL) for dinner while standing in the kitchen taking notes. ; )

    Hi Jean,
    I'll add it to The List. : )

    Hi Anne,
    Actually, they're hoping to get in. The donkey girls have the run of the farm right now (Donkey Doodle Dandy is in one of the big pens with the sheep so he doesn't, um, how do I put this? do it with his daughters), and they're looking into the farmyard at me pulling my cart full of hay toward them and at the barn full of hay behind me, hoping to bust in - but Bear never lets them. : )

  12. Susan, um, just wondering, but have you thought about having Dan...gelded? I noticed you said recently that you think he already impregnated the girls again, and I started imagining your donkey herd outnumbering the sheep!

    Don't tell him this was my suggestion though... :)

  13. This is a GREAT photo... they all have such SWEET faces!

  14. I love their expressions! It's as though they're saying, "Who ordered this weather? Not me!"


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