Sunday, March 1

Sunday Farm Photos: Snow! (Again!)

Looking Past the Front Yard Gate To the Sheep Barn Yesterday Afternoon

Because we're in such an unpopulated area, our online weather comes from either 25 miles to the north or 60 miles to the south. Despite the further distance, the southern forecasts are usually more accurate so I pretty much always rely on them.

Yesterday our predicted snow accumulation went from three to four inches down to just one to two inches, much to our relief. But when it became increasingly apparent that we had more than two inches of snow piled up out there no matter how or where you measured it, and it was still heavily falling (I believe the technical term used by the professional weather people to describe what was going on was "freezing snow fog,") Joe had the brilliant idea to check the northern forecast. Aha. Five to six inches.

We ended up getting about nine inches of snow in less than six hours. This is pretty unusual for us, especially in very late February.

Looking Ahead To Last Night

You might even say it was something worth celebrating.

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  1. Burr! I hope we don't get any snow.I'm sick of it! But,it sure looks pretty on your farm.

  2. They keep predicting record snow for us here but nothing yet.

    I love the outdoor fridge! I hope you enjoy it tonight.

  3. Fabulous! You are so lucky to live in such a region...



  4. Beautiful picture Susan! I love the first one, even though I too am tired of snow. It does paint a pretty picture.

  5. I love your photos!

    It was a warm & welcome 60 degrees here today, and just started to rain about an hour ago. Supposed to rain all week. We do get snow here in the CA foothills as late as April some years.

  6. You know - you do a beautiful job with your photos - maybe coffee table book but definitely a calendar - I would purchase it! :)

  7. Nice that you're snowed in in such a beautiful locale! I'm stranded in CA at the moment due to the inclement weather on the east coast...also not such a bad snow situation!

  8. The top picture is what postcards are made of!

    How do the sheep do in this kind of cold having just been sheered?

    Cheers (love the cooler)!

  9. OH MY GOSH!
    I always enjoy your photos. But this one with the view of everything on the other side of the gate is just stunning! Gave me shivers to say the least. I hope you save it for a contest or add to the 1001 other great snow photos you have.
    Thanks much.

  10. Glad you can celebrate snow! Here in NC we got about 6" We aren't supposed to get snow. And certainly not 6" of it!!!

    Here's hoping it melts quickly & yields plenty of water for the well :)

  11. I know the snow is difficult to deal with sometimes, but is sure is pretty.

    I used one your your bread recipes this weekend, thanks again for them. And found a local mill where I can get local flours...

  12. Good Morning Susan,
    I love your pictures, but burr!!!!
    I hope your digging out, March just came in like a lion so it should go out like a LAMB (ha ha ha). In more way than one for you...... right?

    I think that I have spoiled my husband. I've been making your Oatmeal Toasting bread, and Farm House White for him... Now he won't eat any thing else, I've also made Beth's Wholewheat berry Bread. What a wonderful way to spoil someone. Huh!!!
    Keep the wonderful pictures and post coming. I really enjoy them
    No snow here in Western Michigan, but it very cold. 8 degrees this morning....
    Sharon, from Western MI

  13. I LOVE the snow.

    Wanted to let you know that I saw your article in Country Home magazine and was excited to see that someone else thought you were great and worth mentioning.

  14. Try this website for making your own weather predictions:
    Enjoy! I especially love looking at the radar.

  15. I don't know where in Missouri you are, but we didn't get that much snow! and I'm glad! You're pictures are beautiful though!

  16. OH MY -- I missed that your area got so much, we only had flurries! I'm half envious!!

  17. We've been getting dumped on all day. I'm so tired of snow.....

  18. Very pretty! But I am sick of it. We had a foot or more in NH and I'm ready for Spring, or, maybe Key West. Maybe some island with warm breezes and blue water...I assume the animals were just fine with it? Just we humans that are grumpy.:)

  19. Your outside looks like our outside (here in the Northeast) except I don't have what looks like a champagne bottle growing out of the snow (oh, how I wish I did right now!)

  20. Well, I hope you have some potato chips and a warm fire so you can enjoy that bubbly with your scenery.

    I'm sure you're sick of it by now, but that is a beautiful shot.

  21. Oh, you're weather outside IS frightful, and I was thinking Spring was too slow a coming here..lets not trade! Where we are ..we get the same kind of forcasts..non-exsistant! We never know either. At least the land is getting it's real dry. Beautiful pictures!

  22. wow! we didn't get any here. enjoy it before it turns brown!!

  23. Wow!Its definitely cold in there but I love the snow!Very nice photos!


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