Tuesday, March 17

Tuesday Farm Photos: Backyard Beauty

Ravenous, Brazen Beauty

That's Fortunately Still (Mostly) Afraid of Barking Dogs

Highlights from a year ago:
3/2/08: How Do Donkeys Order Lunch?
3/4/08: Auntie Rose
3/5/08: Seasonal Eating
3/6/08: Do Chickens Ever Smile?
3/12/08: Cary Babies?
3/13/08: Cary, No Baby
3/17/08: Hey Baby!

Two years ago:
3/5/07: Zelda and Her Twins, Age Two Hours
3/8/07: Doll Face and Her Baby Boy Bonding in Their Bonding Suite
3/9/07: Moving Zelda and Her Twins By Myself
3/15/07: Gang Activity
3/16/07: The Definition of Relaxed

Three years ago:
3/1/06: I'll Spring to Life If There's Trouble
3/2/06: A Brief Distraction from All the Cuteness
3/3/06: Skinny Chip Checks Out One of the Little Attention Grabbers
3/4/06: Farm Boss Patchy Cat Keeps an Eye on Everything
3/5/06: You Can Add Babysitting to Bear's Job Description
3/8/06: Another Farmyard Still Life
3/8/06: Counting Sheep, Not Getting Much Sleep
3/10/06: Life When You're 12 Hours Old
3/10/06: Fleeting Heart
3/13/06: I'm Gonna Need More Than Spun Gold for Breakfast
3/14/06: A Whole New Way to Start the Day (thanks to Dan's Friends)
3/17/06: Same Scene, New View for St. Patrick's Day

And out of the kitchen and garden came:
3/12/06: The Great Compost Cover Up
3/10/08: Broccoli Onion Garbanzo Bean Soup & Recharging Your Dead Batteries (Because Setting Them on Fire Isn't an Option)
3/1/08: Onion & Herb Crusted Lamb Spareribs and Grilled Lamb Steaks

© Copyright 2009 FarmgirlFare.com, the quickly greening up foodie farm blog (another heatwave!) where the white-tailed deer don't need a St. Patrick's Day excuse to munch on their favorite color in the hayfield—which happens to be off limits after March 1st so the grass can grow, but only the domesticated animals pay attention to this rule (and only because we fence them out). But I'd rather have the deer in the hayfield than in the garden!


  1. I love that first picture! So beautiful and priceless!



  2. I know the deer can be a huge pest but they are so beautiful and graceful.

  3. Your pictures are lovely. I wish I held such thoughts about the deer. We have real problems with them. They are bandits. I have a friend who calls them rats with long legs.

  4. I enjoyed your pictures, but especially the donkey pictures. When I lived in Bahia (North of Brazil) a boy with a little donkey (“jegue”) would come to our neighborhood to sell cashews. (The fruit from which the cashews you eat in the US come from are called “cajú” in Brazil; the cashews are just an appendix of the juicy "cajú"—kajooh: http://pinfotos.abril.com.br/busca/tags/comida/ee2b7fe2-c87c-4c72-9b9c-dee24d6b43c0/cajus) The donkey carried two baskets (called “caçuá”—kahsooah) on its back, full of cashews. I remember biting the fruits and sucking the sweet, pungent juice. Your farm seems like A LOT of fun! Milla

  5. I get excited every time I see deer..just knowing they are wild! They are such tender spirits, so beautiful. Happy St. Patricks Day..hope you're wearing your green!

  6. Great pictures! Today I pulled over on the highway to let 7 teenaged deer cross - it must be Spring Fever in deer country!

  7. They are so beautiful - we have 6 or 7 who wander through sometimes bed down in our back pasture. I try to keep the water trough full and know they are prey animals - but such beautiful animals - they were here long before us - wonder if they'll be here long after we're gone??

  8. I just love all of your pictures. You are a talented photographer who captures the moment and emotion every time.

  9. What a beautiful picture the first one is!

  10. The deer pics are beautiful. Where do they go/find shelter in the winter?

  11. Gorgeous shots, but yes... the deer can be such varmints. Our little miniature schnauzer, Ragz Mae Growlngrrr, takes great joy in chasing them out of our roses, vegetables and orchard. Fortunately, they never stand their ground, and discover what false bravado it is that she exhibits.


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