Wednesday, March 4

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Food as Furniture

Marta Guard on overdrive—or just got cold feet?

Want a bigger dose of our hilarious, yet wonderfully ferocious, fluffy white dog?
Marta Baby Pictures
7/27/08: Siesta Time
10/26/08: Mostly Marta
10/28/08: Just Doing Her Job
11/6/08: Maybe Marta
1/24/09: Keeping the Food Supply Safe
2/1/09: Moping Marta
2/4/09: Three Dog Sight
2/7/09: Being Watched

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  1. Must be almost lambing time - your gals are nekkid again!Marta is a hoot indeed - if I were one of the sheep I'd huddle up against all that warm dog. 80 degrees here today - spring is sprunging?

  2. So hows the cookbook coming along?
    I check out the garden part of your blog but I see nothing about the cookbook. I here to help you keep on task. I'm a good nagger!

  3. What a great photo - it seems that Marta was created to give great expressions. That look just asks for a hug.....but I guess she would not like it! No matter, she is still lovely ~ thanks for the warm vision for the day!!

  4. Hi, I've been lurking on your blog for a few months now, just wanted you to know that your pictures always put a smile on my face, thank you for that! Also your bread blog has inspired me to start making bread again, your recipes and tips are absolutely wonderful. Thanks!

  5. Marta just likes to be the top dog. Occasionally the sheep need a visual reminder. Or is it for you?

  6. Marta reminds me of the Sheep Dog we had when I was a toddler,he followed me all around the yard..gaurding me. It looks like Marta knows exactly what to do.

  7. They're thinking 'you don't have to guard our hay!'


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