Monday, November 30

Monday Dose of Cute: Um, Excuse Me

This Treat Bucket is Empty

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© Copyright 2009, the obviously mistreated and starving foodie farm blog where, despite what it looks like here, everybody on the farm had a very fulfilling weekend (including the ravaging, annoying—and now very fat!—squirrels who have discovered the surplus sacks of feed I foolishly thought we could store in the barn), though there will always be a few among us who will never be fully full—at least when it comes to treats or dessert.


  1. Oh Susan! These animals are just to darn cute!!! I love every single photo you post of them - cats, dogs, sheep, donkeys, chickens - I want them all!!!

    Hope you had a fat & happy Holiday!

  2. I completely concur with the donkettes - an empty treat bucket is an affront to the animal kingdom! LOL - our goats freak out whenever we have any kind of bucket in our hands (and with all the work we do around here we often have paint buckets, masonry cement in buckets - all kinds of stuff) and they don't get grain treats - will bellow the whole time they can see us - and a few minutes longer!

  3. Hi! I just started following your blog and really enjoy all the beautiful animal pictures.. also the FOOD! :o) Incredible!

  4. So, so cute!

    I have over-dosed on cute two days in a row. We visited alpaca farms and I am in love. I could looks at donkeys and alpacas and other animals forever.

    Wonderful photo!

  5. How cute, hehe! It truely looks like they are thinking, "Come on, where is the good stuff?" Have a great day!

  6. And they look directly at the camera like that - spooky. They must be starved.

  7. Cute indeed - would love to give those ears a nice scratch!

  8. YES, THEY HELPED...SO CUTE! Come say hi :D

  9. Your little brown donkey looks very cross indeed!

  10. Fernando must come live with me. We don't have a very big yard, but he is so snuggly looking I will train him to be a house-donkey and sleep in front of the fire.


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