Wednesday, November 4

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Sky High Kitty

Whiskers' New Favorite Spot Is on The Shack Roof (but He Still Loves His Cart)

And he's not the only one who likes it up there:
6/7/07: Farm Life, Farm Love, Farm Loss (Farewell, New Cat)
1/10/08: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
2/16/09: Looking for Santa?
6/7/09: Beauty and Grace (and a Scary Little Corner of The Shack)

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  1. That's a really cute pic ....

  2. That is such a cute kitty!



  3. Dear Susan,
    I just wanted to give you kudos on your great site. I found your site loking for green tomato recipes - and all your recipes sound fantastic. Then I became immersed in your farm animal/dog stories. I am an Indiana farm girl who is living the city life now. I have other Indy folks who I have spread the word on your blog. We just love it. We want to come visit and pet EVERYTHING. (LOL don't panic just kidding, No really can we come if we bring food? LOL).
    Warm Regards,
    Jan Allen

  4. What a little darling! I'll bet he feels so adventurous on his perch.

  5. Oh my...just found your blog. We're leading sort of parallel lives, except for the cooking part. Must go read all your donkey posts now and all the other cool stuff over here.

    p.s. here's a link to my own cat on a hot tin roof -

  6. This is not about the kitty...but, I was with my grandson today on the banks of the Mississippi River... actually the harbor. He was making a huge leaf pile, and I was snapping pictures to beat the band....I looked down and saw a leaf shaped like a heart, and I thought of you....

  7. Great kitty photo. Very cute and fuzzy. I too, think of you now when I find heart shaped rocks around my property.

  8. SO CUTE! I love cats, every one is so different...Whiskers is very clever! Come say hi :D

  9. A superb shot - like he's "king of the world"!

  10. Hi Susan,

    This is such a great picture of Whiskers! He's definitely lovin' livin' on the farm.


  11. What a wonderful blog you have here! And you are absolutely correct..everyone at some point does wish to move to the country! We wish to do that NOW!! Our neighbors drive us nuts! I love the pictures of the little brown bat, way too cute. (I must admit, I would never get that close to one though :)
    Great photo the your cat, too.

  12. Every farm needs a few cats running around to thin the mouse population. We have a few running around that don't belong to us. Heck they may not belong to anyone for all I know but I don't mind them. Especially when I see them stalking through the grass and digging for moles.

  13. What a sweetie! Great picture! :)


  14. Great picture! Does he launch ambushes from the sky when people walk by, or just stare down with a sense of superiority for having achieved greater heights than the humans?


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