Monday, November 23

Monday Dose of Happy and Cute: Thirteen Years and She's Still Got It

That smile that makes you smile.

Happy Monday!

Want to get to know our beloved beagle baby better?
The Story of How Robin Trotted Into My Life
Peek-a-Boo Beagle
Sitting At the Front Yard Gate
Robin's Smile Is Infectious
One Hot & Happy Beagle
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From Out of the Fog, A Little Beagle Dog
Year Round Thankfulness
Robin Loves Deer Season

Robin & Leopold
She Knows Every Warm Spot on the Farm
Fresh Spring Water is Better than Evian
Busted Nesting in my New Garden Bed
Beagle in Paradise
Heading Out on Her Morning Route
Robin Loves Life on the Farm
Hot Dog vs. Parched Pussycat
It's Monday Morning. Wake Up!
Ear Flaps Up? Check.

Curious & Oblivious (aka Patchy Cat & Robin)
Haying Supervisor
One Hardworking Beagle

After Some Fluffy White Puppy Kisses
8/9/08: Puppy Love
10/5/08: Little Beagle, Large Backyard
11/3/08: A Girl's Gotta Draw the Line Somewhere

2/4/09: Three Dog Sight
3/3/09: Little Beagle, Big Snowstorm
7/4/09: The Dog Days of Haying Season
7/9/09: It's My Birthday!
8/7/09: Why I Don't Landscape the Front Yard
11/23/09: Thirteen Years and She's Still Got It
1/24/2010: Cold Backs, Warm Heart?

© 2009, the tri-colored foodie farm blog where she may not have much left in the way of teeth after all these years of happily gnawing on bones, but Robin still enjoyed her annual deer leg as much as ever last week (and we enjoyed some fabulous venison tenderloin for dinner last night!).


  1. What a cutie she is! That smile! When my kids were younger, we had a beagle who lived to a very ripe old age. These dogs are the happiest breed. Give Robin a big hug for me! She really made me smile.

  2. Awww, best wishes to your sweet girl. My dog just turned 13 on saturday too! He's kind of a grumpy old man, but we got a few smiles out of him too with some homemade treats and a slow walk in the woods :)

  3. Oh Robin is so adorable! Dogs rule, don't they? My dog just turned 13 recently (hard to believe!) and seems to be doing great! He's my baby, so I know how much you love Robin.

    Give him a hug from us!

  4. There is nothing so joyful as a dog with a deer leg.

  5. Such a cute beagle! I'm sure she gives you unconditional love.

  6. How sweet..I was just thinking of all the love this sweet animal must have brought into your life over the years! Come see my post about my animals! :D

  7. A friend just introduced me to your site--- it is perfect for me! I work on a sheep farm caring for 450+ sheep in the Winter, grow and sell organic vegetables in the Summer, have a thing for donkeys and have always had and loved beagles! I have two now---one is a lot like Bert {Plato} and the one who died a year ago {Pistol} was a lot like Robin. I love reading about your animals and life with them and I only found you about a week ago! Looking forward to going through the archives.


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