Friday, April 23

Friday Dose of Cute: Surrounded!

Surrounded by Cute (1)

Surrounded by Cute (2)

Surrounded by Cute (3)

Only two of these lambs are hers, and what's really amusing is that the little Katahdin who kept trying to climb on top of her isn't one of them.
Two years ago, we added a Katahdin ram and two Katahdin ewes to our flock, in the hopes of building up the parasite resistance in our mostly Suffolk sheep (they're the ones with the distinctive black faces and legs). So far it's going really well, and we're very happy with our hair sheep.

Want to get to know them better?

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  1. Lamb babysitter? Do all the other ewes go partying in the grass, while this poor girl is saddled with all the responsibility?

    Word verification. doelly - nursemaid ewe who is stuck lamb sitting by all the other ewes

  2. Obviously a wonderful mama! Those lambs are so adorable.

  3. Read that you got rain yesterday, hope you did not get the horrible weather today. Sounds like it was nasty tornado weather. Take care.

  4. LOL. Could also be called "Attack of the Babies". Just love all your photos!


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