Wednesday, April 7

Wednesday Big Dose of Cute: Random Lamb Snaps and Stats

Random Lamb Cute 1

Random Lamb Cute 2

Random Lamb Cute 3

Random Lamb Cute 4

Random Lamb Cute 5

Random Lamb Cute 6

Random Lamb Cute 7

Happy Daisy
Happy Daisy

Jealous Chip
Jealous Chip

Current lamb count: 19. Number of ewe lambs: 11. Number of ram lambs: 8. Sets of twins: 8. Number of lambs born last Saturday: 5. Number of lambs born Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday: 0. Number of babies Big Enormous Annette finally gave birth to this afternoon: 2.

Number of mamas so far: 11. Number of remaining mamas-to-be: just 6! Number of giganto pregnant ewes already tucked in a bonding suite because they look about to explode any minute: 1. Number of days since lambing season officially started (including the two early girls and then expected lull): 30. Number of trips I've made down to the barn in the last 30 days: probably about 150. Number of those trips made between the hours of 1am and 4am: probably better not to think about that.
Number of English houseguests wishing this wasn't the last day of her week long farm stay: 1. Number of vintage wooden Dr. Pepper crates found during our two junking excursions that is now somehow crammed into her suitcase: thankfully just one since it had to be packed between the c.1900 handsewn quilt, six Fire King dishes, gorgeous Carnival glass tumbler, two old Missouri license plates (great $3 souvenir idea!), 1950s bucking bronco metal serving tray (a surprise gift from me for this wild west lover), neat old spur found years ago by the seller under the barn porch of her Texas ranch, vintage grain sack from Illinois, and pile of fabric for the patchwork quilt she's been working on during the spare moments between eating, farm chores, and visiting the cattle sale barn in search of cute cowboys (for her!).
I'll have to tell you about some of the vintage treasures I found during our forays—as well as the beautiful ones she brought me—in a future post. Sadly nothing to report in the cowboy department.

© Copyright 2010, the overheated foodie farm blog where there's something very disconcerting about a week of days in the 80s during the first part of April. Thankfully it's cooling back down to normal tonight, which made the Hearty Lentil Soup with Smoked Sausage that had been requested seem slightly less inappropriate—and delicious no matter what the weather.


  1. Not only are temps in the 80s disconcerting in April, I'm afraid they might also doom the fruit trees. Since they seem to be blooming and the likelihood of us NOT getting a frost again is pretty low.

    If Mother Nature kills all my pears this year, I shall be very put out. What am I supposed to feed the baby for his first solid food if I don't have homemade fruit puree? STORE FRUIT puree? BOOO.

  2. Those babies are so stinkin' cute!! I long for the day that we used to have sheep, and got to participate in lambing season. :o) Have a great day!

  3. Our weather has been unseasonably warm - but then March was unseasonably (and might I add unreasonably) cold. Today is more normal - light jacket weather this morning. Glad your visit and visitor has been so good/pleasant. Susan - this is absolutely positutely the CUTEST bunch of lambs you've ever shown us. Oh my goodness those hair sheep produce gorgeous babies.

  4. Those babies are just too dang cute...or as lineman's wife says 'Stinkin' cute'!! And Daisy and Buddy Bear have new babies to look after!!

  5. I followed your link from Soule Mama and was delighted to find all the cuteness! I love all your photos!

  6. Just curious, why is the belly of one of the Mama's shaved? Did she have a boo-boo? Love all the pictures and visit everyday.... Hope you get some rest soon.

  7. Is it even possible to have cuter pictues than these? Holey Moley those babies and their Mamas and doggies are just too too adorable.

    ...and how on earth will your English friend get all of that through Customs? What lucky finds for her!

  8. OMGoodness! She's amazingly cute! I really, really want her or one just like her!

  9. Hey Susan (& Barb)

    Well I did manage to get all the souvenirs not only through Customs, but all the way home with no breakages. And Susan, it DID cost me an extra $50, overweight again! But it STILL makes the quilt an absolute bargain. (Any quilt historians out there, please get in touch)

    Pictures of my treasure trove to follow soon, over at BW.

  10. How lovely! Julia R sent me over to your blog. Wonderful.


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