Thursday, April 29

Thursday Dose of Cute: On Little Cat Feet

On Little Cat Feet
3T Has Turned Into Quite the Farm Cat

Want to see more of our Tough Tortie Topaz (aka 3T)?
8/18/08: Tractor Cat
8/24/09: Happy Cat
© Copyright 2010, the fine feline foodie farm blog where Topaz, who lived at the shelter for 15 months before moving in with us, is not a lap cat, she's a chest cat, which is something I never knew existed. If she spies you sitting down, she leaps up onto your lap and then just keeps going, until her paws are almost on your neck and her face is in your face. And then she starts to loudly purr. It's sweet and yet slightly terrifying, since Topaz has quite the little temper and will turn on you in an instant. But of course I still let her do it.


  1. Awwww. Torties are so misunderstood; I'm so glad you gave Topaz a chance! They're super cuddly and loving, but you have to be in tune with them and learn to read the signals when they're done with the petting session (preferably before you get the unmistakable swipe signal). We named ours Elphaba, after the Wicked Witch of the West in the book Wicked =)

  2. I had a tortie for 8 years that I rescued as a kitten from the engine of a car. Whenever she was scared, she would still run for a car engine, which made for some adventures, let me tell you. She also has a temper, and would bite, almost in spite of herself (she always seemed sorry afterwards). It’s as if their nervous system is hyper sensitive. But when they love you, it’s all the way. Love Topaz's story. So glad you rescued her.

  3. Aww, I love cats. When I was growing up, we had one that would do the same thing. He'd sit on your lap but reach up so that his body was pressed against your stomach and chest, with his arms on either side of your head--practically nose to nose--and he was happy as a clam. He had a wonderful temperament so no worries on sudden turns of attitude, he'd just decide he'd had enough and hop down. He was such a good cat. Hellova hunter, too!

  4. We have a chest tortie also--Surely Goodness & Mercy is her name.
    She is absolutely amazing--Surely can purr, hiss, growl, and bite all at the same time!!! And there is absolutely no warning at all!!!
    What is it with torties??!!
    Her human mama died, so we got Surely (or, as the minister conducting the funeral put it "the cat from hell") and Sunny (an absolutely wonderful, funny little farm dog)--
    We're in central Missouri,in the Ozarks, out in the absolute middle of nowhere, and currently have 8 dogs and 9 kitties--all shelter/rescues/strays.
    We are so very blessed with all of our babies!!!

  5. So glad Topaz got such an understanding home! We have a Norweigan Forest Cat (we're pretty sure!) who has a very demanding but devoted and rewarding personality. There is one in the shelter at our local Petsmart in STL who apparently as been brought back twice now. Poor fellow just needs a good match! We'd take him but our guy just loves to the one and only. So if anyone in STL area wants an utterly devoted, smart kitty with a large personality, there is a nice orange and white fellow at Petsmart in STL.

  6. Torties have a strong personality, but they are so smart and loyal, wonderful cats. Our last tortie ruled the roost but had a heart of gold, and that one adorable pink toe pad (the rest were black).

    Oh, Nancy, I wish I could scoop up that poor rejected "Wegie" today! We also have an orange-and-white Norwegian Forest cat who'd gotten bounced from shelter to foster home -- we call him "the Big Orange Oaf", or BOO for short. It takes a while for them to settle and learn to trust again but it is so worth it. They are not lap cats but love their humans and follow them around like dogs almost, very talkative and excellent mousers. There are lots of Youtube videos and websites extolling the virtues of Norwegian Forest Cats or "Skogkatter", maybe they could use them as a sales pitch!

  7. Julia and Nancy--you are so correct about Wegies! We have Groucho, who we found abandoned--it took him a good 18 months to feel at home here. Now we call him my 'puppydog-pussycat'--he follows me around like a dog!!!
    Only a lap cat on his own, very limited terms--definitely a talker--and a fantastic mouser (with toy mice, since all of ours are inside only now)!!! But 100% devoted to me!!!

    As far as our tortie Surely Goodness & Mercy (she came named)--yes, I've got to be careful when she is on my chest--she'll reach up and bite my chin--purring all the time!!!

    Farmgirl Susan--I love your pictures, stories, and recipes!!! I would love to have the farm animals you have, but here in the Ozarks we have total woods, so only deer and turkeys!!! And, unfortunately, lots of ticks and copperheads (which is why all the kitties are inside now).


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