Monday, April 26

Monday Dose of Lamb Cute: Cleaning Up and Growing Up

Daisy Mae and newborn baby girl (1)
Daisy Mae and her brand new baby girl on April 2nd

Daisy Mae and newborn baby girl (2)

Daisy Mae and newborn baby girl (3)

Daisy Mae and newborn baby girl (4)

Daisy Mae and newborn baby girl (5)

Daisy Mae and newborn baby girl (6)

Daisy Mae and newborn baby girl (7)
And the Whole Picture

This spotted cutie pie was born during my friend Betty Western's week long visit from England. It was Betty's second day on the farm, and when I asked her if there was anything she really wanted to do or see, she said, "I want to see a lamb being born!"

A few hours later we headed down to the barn to get the big old tan truck so we could haul 200 gallons of water to The Donkettes, who are currently living out in the sand field (except when they escape), and came upon the beautiful sight of Daisy Mae giving birth in the barnyard.

On the way back from hauling water, we ended up getting the tan truck stuck in the creekbed, not because the wet weather creek was running (which it was), but while swerving on dry land to avoid an oncoming beagle.

That proved to be a whole other adventure—which Betty will doubtless retell many times—involving shovels and laughter and dirt and sweat and the smell of burning rubber on wood as I peeled away from the scene of the crime, and it would have all been avoided if we'd taken the little black four wheel drive truck like I'd originally planned.

But if I hadn't had a sudden urge to go get the tan truck instead, we would have missed this tender scene. Shoveling and all, I'm pretty sure Betty will agree that getting stuck was definitely worth it.

Daisy Mae and ewe lamb on 4-6-10
April 6th

Daisy Mae and ewe lamb on 4-6-10 (2)

Daisy Mae's lamb appeared to be healthy and took right to nursing, but over the next few days she just didn't seem as perky as the other babies. I check on her and worried about her, and we took to calling her Pokey (in a nice way).

Daisy Mae's ewe lamb on 4-7-10
April 7th

But thankfully there was nothing to fear; some lambs are just quieter and less bouncy than others.

Daisy Mae and ewe lamb on 4-26-10

I snapped this picture today, and as you can see, she's grown into a sturdy girl who is doing just fine—and who has the cutest little brown chest ever.

I've decided to name her Greta (we're doing 'G' names this year), and I think it suits her perfectly. Do you?

Want a bigger dose of cute? We have nearly 300 to choose from!

©, the soft spotted foodie farm blog where Daisy Mae's full name is actually Psycho Daisy Mae, which comes from a line in one of my favorite romantic comedies, Sweet Home Alabama. She got it back in 2007 after chewing off half the tail of her newborn lamb during a particularly anxious moment of first time motherhood. Both mama and baby survived, and thankfully (for both us and her babies), Daisy Mae has calmed down quite a bit—but after all this time her name still cracks me up.


  1. Yes. Greta sounds lovely. Thank you for sharing these. Really. It makes my days.

  2. She is the sweetest little thing. It sounds like you are very adventurous.

  3. *whew* scared me there for a minute! thank goodness i kept reading!! beautiful little girl that greta!

  4. Sweet pictures! And oh, how I enjoy your dogs.

  5. Greta is perfect. I'm in love with all of the lambs.

  6. More smiles this morning.

  7. Amazing! I love your blog and can't believe I'm just now discovering it. I, too, dream of having my own farm. So impressed you made it happen.

  8. Greta is a great name! My uncle named one of his first standard poodles this, when he also had Guthrie (for Woody Guthrie, of course). I hope you have a little ram so you can have a Greta and Guthrie of your own!


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