Sunday, October 3

Sunday Dose of Cute: Weighing In

Auntie Rose's Big Baby Boy in a Bucket
Auntie Rose's Big Newborn Boy (taken 3/20/07)

This picture cracks me up every time I see it. It's been moved from one 'to post' photo file to another for three and a half years, yet for some reason has never actually been posted until today.

We don't usually weigh our newborn lambs, but this one was so big when he popped out of Auntie Rose (who also cracks me up) that I was curious. We have a 200-pound hanging scale in the sheep barn for weighing buckets of feed, so I put him in a three gallon bucket and—very quickly because mama was already having a fit—hung him on it. He was a whopping 14 pounds. The only other baby lamb I've weighed was my sweet Cary's—the one who was stuck inside her and would have killed her if the vet hadn't made that late night visit out to the farm. He was 15 pounds. Big lambs are good, but that's just a little too big. (Don't know who Cary is? Meet her in A Tiny Tail for Mother's Day. She's doing great by the way.)

Speaking of weighing things, my wonderful 11-pound Oxo Good Grips digital kitchen scale, which I often use several times a day (and which lists for $55.50), is currently on sale at for $37.44 with free shipping. I've raved about this scale before—most recently in this morning's In My Kitchen Garden post on six worthwhile kitchen investments for gardeners (or any foodie with access to a good farmers' market)—and I no doubt will again. The pull out display is awesome. If you've been thinking about buying a kitchen scale, I highly recommend this one. It would also make a great gift.

©, the accurate to an eighth of an ounce foodie farm blog where sheep breeding season is going to start in a couple of weeks (more about this soon), which means that lambing season 2011 will start in mid March. Thankfully for those who can't wait for all that upcoming cuteness, it's always lambing season online!


  1. I guess it's the angle of the photo but this lamb seems to have a very long neck!

    You must have thousands of photos. I would love to just go through your files so I could ohh and ahh over all the animals.

  2. I wonder what the 'typical' weight is for a lamb? This photo is too cute - thanks for finally sharing it with us.

  3. LOL...looks like a head and legs!


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