Sunday, October 31

Sunday Farm Photo: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

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© 2010, the eight-legged foodie farm blog where after living so far out in the country for all these years, you don't get frightened by much, and generally we love spiders, but the black widow that bit Joe twice last summerwhile we were asleep in bed—did give us both quite a scare. Thankfully he's fully recovered, with only two red marks on his arm and chest as spooky little reminders.


  1. How is your recovery coming along?

  2. What a gorgeous photo! Love your blog...especially the donkeys! I was just in China, and we took a cable car up to one section of the Great Wall--and lo and behold, there was a donkey up there! We keep wondering how he got up there (he/she didn't look terribly thrilled, I must say!).

  3. I have not been keeping up with your blog for a while, but I read about your experience with the copperhead, what a time you had! My friend was bitten this summer at night while camping, also by a youngster. She has finally recovered and is as active as ever. Best wishes

  4. Wow! A friend just sent me your link and I am amazed! I LOVE your spooky spider picture! LOVE IT!! I am a true follower now! I just love your garden blog as I am also a gardener even though I live in the desert of Las Vegas and I love to cook.

    My 20 year old daughter would just die to see your farm! She is an animal LOVER but we cannot have any because of my sever allergies.

    Nice to connect with you!


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