Thursday, October 14

Thursday Dose of Cute: Come and Get It Again! (the New and Improved Versions)

Come and Get It Again 1
First we added more color (the original version is here).

Come and Get It Again 2

Come and Get It Again 3

Come and Get It Again 4
Then I brought in help—and put him in charge of the starving mob the treat barrow.

Come and Get It Again 5
But Gus decided he'd rather eat my camera bag—and beg for pets.

Come and Get It Again 6
Then Gnat finally figured out the whole treat thing.

Come and Get It Again 7

Come and Get It Again 8
Sort of.

Come and Get It Again 9
Autumn is here, and it's beautiful!

Just getting to know our two baby donkey boys?
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© 2010, the sunny and blustery foodie farm blog where we're having scattered showers of the leafy variety today, which I always love to watch, especially when the swirling leaves catch the breeze and fly up and up and up.


  1. They seem a little more "polite" compared to the other photo. That Gnat...he is just TOO cute. Gus is, too. Donkey cuteness makes my day!

  2. This is my first time seeing pics of your boys (Haven't been to your blog in a while)... We've been watching our neighbor's donkeys everyday as we drive by their farm and I have to say I'm fascinated with donkeys now!! They seem SO cute and sweet and playful. Now... to move out of our townhouse and get some land so I can have a few ;) Love these guys... can't wait to see more! :)

  3. I guess you spend most of the hours of the day grinning from ear to ear...I know I would...

  4. Your fall color is beautiful! We have plenty of 'leaf rain' too (and I guet to rake it off the grass!!)

    Those donkeys are just too cute - we all love the donkeys!! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

  5. Susan, what beautiful fall color you are having!

    Wanted you to know that I just linked to your fabulous green tomato relish recipe on my own little blog! It's a great recipe and I whip up a batch of it every year.

  6. Those dang donkeys are so cute! My husband would be in heaven if we had that many ;)

  7. 3 of my neighbors donkeys/burros(?) they look like your's, were out today in the road

    left messages for him to get them put up.....hope they are okay

  8. It looks like little Gnat is really starting to grow!


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