Thursday, January 13

Thursday Dose of Cute: A New Olympic Sport

Mr. Midnight 1
The Feline Balance Beam

Mr. Midnight 2

Mr. Midnight 3

Mr. Midnight 4

Mr. Midnight 5
Nice dismount!

That's our agile Mr. Midnight:
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  1. Wow, great shots. Looks like a panther on the first picture.

  2. Oh - that first photo looks like a miniature black panther. Great photos Susan

  3. Definitely a Gold Medal winner!!
    Great photos - thanks!

  4. Love it, we live in a barn conversion and have open beams and our cat loves them.

  5. He reminds me of our black cat (died at 17!). They make it look so easy and effortless! Thanks for the photos, you can almost forget how cold it is - but not quite!

  6. Neat and it does look like he's doing the balance beam.

  7. Exactly what I thought, stefandora!

  8. oh he´s SO beautiful! i love black cats!

  9. I rescued our cat "Midnight" (deceased) in 1972 from a hospital room in S.F. where he slept through the night with either of two comatose patients, Jim and Dan. Midnight came through an open window on the first floor of St. Mary's hospital. I was the permanent night nurse. All the staff with one exception appreciated Midnight. One night the custodian told me that the floor supervisor would be taking Midnight to a shelter after the next 24 hours. I went home as usual to sleep but the next night I took in a carry- all basket for Midnight. In the morning I left with him. He stayed with me and my husband for the next six years hanging out on a neighbors front porch with other cats and draping himself for hours over a wing back chair behind my head. He was beautiful and sleek with fur like velvet. I miss him.

  10. I love all of your photos featuring Mr. Midnight. He makes a very handsome subject.


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