Tuesday, January 18

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Why is this Treat Bucket Empty?

Why is this treat bucket empty
Bert's catching on quick!

Just getting to know our new beagle pup?
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© FarmgirlFare.com, the tri-colored, omnivorous foodie farm blog where Bert has definitely come to the right place. Last night, while setting out dinner (on a fairly short table) somebody left their salad unattended, and Bert dove right in. Of course it was covered with shredded cheese, but he ate a lot of the homegrown Swiss chard, too. You gotta love a vegetable lover.


  1. Bert is adorable! Our beagle is a notorious food hound. I have no idea how she got up on the table and got two biscuits down last night - the chairs were all pushed in - maybe our cat was an accomplice? She begs for food all the time and eats like there is no tomorrow when fed. All our dogs love melon of any kind and apples. They beg for grapes but these are a no-no for dogs as I understand so they have to miss that treat!

  2. Irresistsibly cute!



  3. I see one of my red flags coming up. My mind begins wondering.. " Just exactly who is training... who? " LOL This little man is gonna wrap y'all around his paws!

  4. I can see clearly why you fell in love with Bert. That is just too much cuteness to ignore. :)

  5. What a sweet face! Bert is making me feel guilty for not having a treat ready for him!

  6. I have a lot of help eating my supper too. Putter Jean (cat) sits right by my plate trying to stick her nose or paw in.....

    He's so cute. Luv me some beagle babies.

  7. Wow - he has beautiful markings! Cute little guy - and healthy!

  8. Bert always seems to be attached to a leash. Is he training you guys? or is he an incorrigable (sp) puppy who would rather get in trouble that eat????


  9. I have never known a beagle who didn't like any food he/she met. Yes, they are incorrigible! But those eyes will win every time. How mad can one be when encountering those eyes..those soulful, cute eyes!

  10. What a total cutie! Who can possible resist such a sweet puppy? Puppies are worth spoiling!

    Hugs to all!

  11. Is it just me or does Bert LOOK BETTER already, since he came to live with you? xxx!

  12. I agree with cookiecrumb...Bert looks shinier. This puppy has definitely won the lottery!

  13. Bert is clearly on a diet, since he is scarfing salad.

  14. What a cute face! Beautiful eyes.

  15. You are going to have a tough time saying no to that face! Cuteness!

  16. I agree with Anon, Bert is obviously trying to lose weight by eating salad. And he knows how important veggies are for vitamins & fiber.

    True story - our beagle once chewed through a baby-gate to get to a bag of dog food in another room. He ate a HOLE into the bag and walked inside the bag to eat. No morsel was on the floor, but there was a big, beagle-sized hole in the bag and a LOT of missing kibble. Everything worked out okay .. but we got babygates made with thick hardwood dowels after that.

  17. My dogs really love bell peppers (all colors except green), tomatoes, cucumber, and frozen corn, peas, and carrot. Pears, apples, melons.....almost everything. :) They are foodies! Buttons insists on smelling our breath after we've eaten something tasty, lol.


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