Monday, February 27

Monday Dose of Cute: Welcome to Babyland

Monday morning lambing 1 -
Lambing season is in full swing!

More photos below. . .

Monday morning lambing 2 -

Monday morning lambing 3 -

Monday morning lambing 4 -

Monday morning lambing 5 -

Monday morning lambing 6 -

Lots going on, no time to chat. Just wanted to give you a dose of new lamb cute and the first official lamb report:

Current lamb count: 7. Days into lambing season: 4. Number of mothers so far: 4. Number of ram lambs: 5. Ewe lambs: 2. Sets of twins: 3. Pregnant ewes remaining: 16. Lambs born today: 4.

Number of first time mothers rejecting one of her twins: 1. Number of frantic, frustrated farmgirls running out of ideas: 1. Number of hunky farmguys who really don't want another lamb in the living room: 1. Number of times you can watch a mother violently head butt her own newborn baby into the side of the bonding pen without your heart breaking: 0.

©, sleep deprived, fueled by cute.


  1. Oh, what beautiful babies you have! It must be terrible to see a confused mommy harm a little one. Here's a hug for ((you)) and ((baby)) and confused ((mommy)). You can hug Hunky Farmguy. Thank you for sharing the baby pictures! -Marci

  2. Beautiful and heartbreaking. Soooo life... Hoping for bonding miracle and wishing best of everything. Thanks for the update. Thanks too for glimpse of beautiful new barn! Congratulations too!!!

  3. Dear Susan, thanks for sharing the adorable -- and the serious. Impressive rate of twins, there. Good luck with the rejecting ewe.

  4. Thanks for the photos..and good luck with the rest of the moms and their babies. Think it is a hectic, hectic time!

  5. Wonderful pics of your new babies! I'm with you - the rejected baby has to go in the house with you (and knowing ewes, some of your remaining pregnant ewes will reject some of their babies as well.....sad. Don't know why they do this.) Good luck with your lambing - May all your baby lambs be born healthy and all your ewes deliver without any problems!!!!

  6. Cute little lambies, love all the colors! My goat rejected one of her triplets last year, she was pretty serious about butting him away but he finally learned to stay away from her.

  7. It looks like the dogs are just as torn up and worn out as you are at this point. Maybe they have an idea of what to do about the rejected lamb situation. Come on Bear! You've seen it all by now, buddy!

    *Crossing my fingers for the lamb*

    Meanwhile, CUTE little guy with the white spotted forehead :)

  8. Oh how I wish I was with you....two years ago you shared the lambing experience with me; a life changing time for me as you know. But all I can do, is shut my eyes and smell those newborns.....I still miss them and the wonder at the miracle of it all. Love to you & Joe and hugs to all of the critters. XXXX

  9. I had a mom reject a triplet lamb last year. I used a head gate and it worked. It took nine days, the longest I would use one is ten days. It will usually work in about three days.

  10. oh wow, all so cute, can't even pick a favorite. Wonderful pictures of the trustworthy dogs too, and Bert trying to do his part. I would be five minutes from taking the rejected lamb into the living room, just couldn't take it. Sorry, Hunky Farmguy, some things are important.

  11. That's a heartbreaker. Hope all works out.

  12. I know a terrible blew through Missouri - hope you and the new babies are all doing fine.

  13. Wow! That is heartbreaking. So hard to see that, I'll bet. I would have a lamb in the living room as well. However, we raise registered Angus bulls to age 1, then sell them as registered stock. We are looking forward to 4 births this month and 1 in May. Our place and our herd is small, but the animals are huge. I don't think a baby bull in my living room would be a good idea, so hope all goes well. LOL


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