Thursday, February 23

Thursday Dose of Cute: Down at the Barn

Snowy day at the sheep barn 1 -

More photos below. . .

Snowy day at the sheep barn 2 -

Snowy day at the sheep barn 3 -

Snowy day at the sheep barn 4 -

Snowy day at the sheep barn 5 - FarmgirlFare.comRam Central

Snowy day at the sheep barn 6 -

Snowy day at the sheep barn 7 - FarmgirlFare.comPrego Central

Snowy day at the sheep barn 8 -

Snowy day at the sheep barn 9 -

More sheep? Here.
More snow? Here.
More hunky farmguy? Here.

©, the freaky February foodie farm blog where last week's beautiful snowfall has melted (70 degrees today, so weird), but there's still a small pile up of snow photos—I guess I'm trying to make winter last. Oh, and it only looks like Joe does all the work around here.


  1. A touch of red berries, or maybe a red scarf, would have made that first photo look like a Christmas card. Sure glad that's your weather and not mine here in the extremely dry and warm central valley of Calif. where the horses, the goat, and the cats are already starting to shed.

  2. Great pictures! Yes, a weird winter, now almost over...or? Here in PA we did have that freak snowstorm in March a few years ago.

  3. Great pictures! I live in North/Central Arkansas with family in Missouri also. My grandparents had a farm close to Poplar Bluff years ago. I have one sister in St. Charles and one in Bourbon. I also belong to the Show-Me Gourd Society of Missouri. Your farm looks wonderful and I look forward to following you. I too have a blog:

  4. wow some really preggers sheep there! snow was pretty - almost 80 here today and I'm SOOOO ready for spring and gardening!

  5. Would love to start setting up my deck as has southern exposure and so warm sitting out there, my dogs are begging for their chaise back ... But ... think we are all being teased by Mother Nature this winter ... it is so strange I still have annual herbs in garden. Wonder if we will have one of those very hot dry summers, have not had one here in lower NY for some time.

  6. Beautiful photos. And I love your sheep!! Do you use the wool? We're just over here in KY but we've had practically no winter at all. I'll have to visit you again to see puppy pictures when they arrive.

  7. That first picture should be on a greeting card, lovely!! I'll bet the sheep were wishing they had their wool coats back on! :)

  8. Bert's shortened tail always makes me smile. I'm so glad he was relieved of the painful white tip.


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