Sunday, February 12

Sunday Dose of Cute: Chickens on Snow (Not a Recipe)

Chickens on snow 1 -

More photos below. . .

Chickens on snow 2 -

Chickens on snow 3 -

Chickens on snow 4 -

Chickens on snow 5 -

Chickens on snow 6 -

Chickens on snow 7 -

Chickens on snow 8 -

Chickens on snow 9 -

Chickens on snow 10 -

More chickens? Here.
More snow? Here.

©, pecking at a lot of ice and getting ready for 2 to 3 more inches of snow, along with ice, freezing rain, and 'a light glazing.' Snow day! Some of us are excited—and some of us will be probably stay cuddled up in the coop. Or, in the case of these two, in the Cat Chicken Cabin, which they've taken over. (And yep, our chickens actually do kind of cuddle—which is very cute.)


  1. Hi Susan! Love your chickens - very pretty! I'd like to see chickens cuddling. I've heard that there is a certain hierarchy among chickens (a pecking order?) - do you see that mong your chickens?

    Stay warm.

    1. Hi Barb,
      Yep, there is definitely a chicken pecking order! And sometimes it can actually get bloody - chickens are vicious birds when defending their hierarchy. In our experience, there is usually a 'low chicken' in each flock, sometimes two.

      Once the pecking order is established things usually stay pretty calm, unless you add new birds to the flock, which can be tricky - and which is why we have three separate flocks right now. When mamas hatch out babies, we separate them (partly because the other chickens may kill them) and then it's hard to reintroduce mama and new young chickens back into the flock.

      We even have a hen named Lokey (the brown one pictured above) because when she was bottom hen, she was always very low key so everybody would leave her alone. ;) Now she's living out loose and wild with her black pal (pictured above) whose sheep family has been temporarily relocated for winter. :)

  2. Spring is coming Soon ... least that is what I keep telling my Fur Babies as they go out on a Winter Day here in NY.

  3. Brrr...cold chicken feet! You guys stay warm up there!

  4. Is that a Buff Orp? And what is the other one? She is beautiful! I'm getting ready to order my 2012 batch of chicks. Can't wait. :)

    1. Hi Jamie,
      These two hens are both the rare and infamous Missouri Mixed Breed. ;) All of the chickens we currently have (except for Whitey) are from or descended from the friend's eggs that Whitey hatched out back in 2007, when, at seven years old, she decided she wanted to become a mother - and did a fine job at it, too! :)

      Now at nearly twelve (which is like 8 or 9 years past death for most chickens), tough little Whitey is miraculously still with us, although she's done with the whole hatching thing. Apparently once was enough. She hasn't lost her attitude, though - and despite being the smallest in her flock, she still rules the roost!

  5. "Not a recipe."
    I wonder what my own dear hens would think if it were to snow here. They've never met a day below 40 degrees, but your dear ladies look like they manage alright... still I feel tempted to give them boots and scarves.

  6. I stayed in all weekend. It was miserable outside.

  7. Very funny...Not a recipe. :)
    I love seeing the girls. I'm using one of your photos as wallpaper, so I can enjoy their beauty for a couple of days.

  8. These gals ARE so cute! Oh how I would love to have some myself someday. They look so pretty in the snow.

  9. This was the first food caption I read this morning & I got a good laugh out of it until my wife asked what was so funny...when I told her she answered "what...are they on a bed of rice"?...that really broke me up...made her feel good on Valentines Day.

  10. Such beautiful portraits. These gorgeous chicken colors and shapes against the mottled black and white background. They should be in an art gallery.

  11. Cute indeed! Our four chickens have stayed inside - too much snow and too cold over here to venture out (-20 Celsius and more for a few days). We'll let them out again in April probably - at the moment they're housed inside our greenhouse :)


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