Monday, February 20

Monday Farm Photos: Out the Upstairs Windows

Snowfall through the upstairs windows 1 -
9am last Monday. . .

More photos below. . .

Snowfall through the upstairs windows 2 -

Snowfall through the upstairs windows 3 -

Snowfall through the upstairs windows 4 -

Snowfall through the upstairs windows 5 -

Snowfall through the upstairs windows 6 -

Snowfall through the upstairs windows 7 -
4pm last Monday. . .

Snowfall through the upstairs windows 8 -

Snowfall through the upstairs windows 9 -

Snowfall through the upstairs windows 10 -

Snowfall through the upstairs windows 11 -

We haven't had a chance to hang our diverse collection of artwork on the walls of the new house yet, but most days we hardly even notice. After years of living in the low-ceilinged, dreary gloom of The Shack, it is so nice to be able to look out eleven big windows on the bright and airy second floor and admire our beautiful surroundings.

More farm landscapes? Here and here.
More snow photos? Here and here.

©, where last week seemed to disappear even more quickly than this peaceful snowfall did. How did it get to be the end of February already? I've haven't even pulled out most of my cozy polar fleece, let alone had a chance to snuggle up it. It seems like everyone is already wishing for spring, but we're still hoping for some winter.


  1. I love these pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the photo that has the tree & the swing!

  3. Lovely pictures of the snow, especially from INSIDE!! I was thinking how the windows make the perfect "frames" for your lovely views!

  4. Love the snowy swing shots...

  5. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Love all of these beautiful real life pictures. Candy said the windows make perfect frames, I agree. And, Ann, I too love the tree and the swing....
    Thank you.

  6. How wonderful you got snow! I too am waiting for winter,,,maybe we'll get a "Miracle March"! And I also like the swing.

  7. The flakes are sooooo BIG! We don't get snow down here in Austin, Tx. but I'm from KC, so I miss that excitement of a big winter storm!

  8. Beautiful and peaceful. You can hear the silence of the falling snow in those snapshots.

  9. Lovely pictures! I love snow, but I can not wait for summer now, the winter is so long in northern Sweden.

    /Sandra - Stolpås Gård

  10. That is a terrific view. I'm so relaxed I need a nap. :)


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