Sunday, July 8

Tail End of the Week: Get Your Friday Farm Fix #17

Welcome to the Friday Farm Fix, a new series on Farmgirl Fare where I share a random sampling of what's been happening around the farm during the past week (usually on Fridays). Just joining us? You'll find all the Friday Farm Fix posts here.

(1) Lucky Buddy Bear in the creekbed after the rain -
Heading back from Donkeyland after Monday's surprise rain.

Blast furnace hot, dry as a bone. Nothing has changed since last week, except the thermometer keeps climbing and the fields keep getting browner. Nobody around here has any grass left in their pastures. The only thing that's still green in our front field is the blasted cactus (you can see a patch of it below). Nothing kills that stuff, although even it looks a little peaked. Some of the trees are starting to die.

Our hearts go out to everyone across the country in the same scary situation. I have no idea what we're going to do. And now it looks like feed prices will be sky high soon too.

Thanks so much for all the thoughts and prayers and rain dances you've sent our way. They worked! We were thrilled to get a surprise half inch of rain last Monday, and although it was just a drop in a big, dusty bucket it did make a difference. You could actually see the grass start greening up within hours and practically hear the plants sighing with relief as they sucked up the moisture.

Two more storms have blown through since then, but they must have watered somebody else's farm instead of ours. Joe sneaked a peek at the forecast this morning (I still can't bear to look) and said there's a chance of rain for the next several days—and the high today was below 100° for the first time in I don't know how long (which is why I stopped checking the weather). Please keep dancing!

There's nothing we can do about the heat and drought, but I can keep sharing the cute. So how about 19 more farm photos taken during the past week? Hover over each picture for a description.

More below. . .

(2) Mr. Midnight in the kitchen garden -

(3) Last harvest of heat tolerant Parris Island romaine lettuce and arugula from the kitchen garden -

(4) Specksy and 11 of her 12 big chicks -

(5) Using the old 'hide the treat bucket on the head' trick to get past the sheep -

(6) Lokey and her 10 chicks tucking in for the night -

(7) Mint, sheep, handmade fence -

(8) Treat time in brown Donkeyland -

(9) Stock dog on chick watch - Bear LOVES babies -

(10) White (and off white) tee shirt day -

(11) Getting ready to tow the dead truck with the live tractor -

(12) Mr. Fancy Pants and his girls sneaking back into the farmyard -

(13) Lucky Cherry looking for treats -

(14) No hay in this hayfield -

(15) Dinosaur kale (lacinato kale) and Red Candy onions from the kitchen garden -

(16) Nothing green in the front field except the blasted cactus -

(17) Freshly baked Farmhouse 100% Whole Wheat burger buns -

(19) Gus and Daphne in Donkeyland -

(20) Happy Beagle Bert -

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©, where it's time to stop hiding in the a/c and head downstairs to bake myself a birthday cake for tomorrow. I'm thinking yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. Oooh—I just heard thunder!


  1. Rain would be the best present, right?

    Dancing in spirit for you, if not in physical fact.

    Happy birthday, Susan.

  2. Drought sucks. I'll be sending good rain-vibes your way.

  3. I was so happy to see the raindrops on the first picture! We have been watching the weather off and on all weekend and wondering if you have gotten rain. We'll keep doing the rain dance for you here, too :))))) I hope you get lots and lots of it for your birthday. Enjoy your day, and drink plenty of champagne! xo, Andrea

  4. May the clouds grow in depth and deepen in color soon to bless your lands with life-giving moisture...

  5. Happy Birthday, Farmgirl Susan!
    I wish you and the rest of the Midwest rain, more rain, and then some.


  6. Happy happy birthday-hope you have a bottle of champagne, something wonderful to eat and some water in that big outdoor tub for a midnight skinny dip. Can't tell you how hard I'm wishing/praying for rain for you guys.

  7. Happy Birthday tomorrow! I'll send some of our Colorado rain your way. Plus some our most welcome 70 degree temps. It has been heaven.

  8. Happy Birthday Susan! Wishing you the right amount of rain, happiness and good health for you and all those you love!
    Great photos---I especially like the one of Gus and Daphne this week.

  9. So sorry to hear that you are running dry again. Rain went north and south of us here and we hit 107 last Pennsylvania. So I'm guessing global warming is really happening despite politicians comments to the contrary. I need rain, too but all I have is a garden so I'm hoping mine falls on your farm.

  10. Happy Birthday Susan, praying for rain for all of us, I'm in Springfield, Mo. dry here too.... hope your birthday is
    a great one!

  11. We've gotten a little rain in Arkansas. The cooler temps are nice. BTW... I love Bert! He always makes me smile! -Marci

  12. Happy Happy Birthday Dear Susan! Of course, big birthday wish for you is rain, glorious rain. Your arugula, kale, gorgeous red onions, and burger buns look fabulous. Please tell me when do you plant young onion plants to be able to harvest now? Thanks for all the peeks!

  13. Happy Birthday, Susan, and here's hoping your present is RAIN! We're hot and tired of hot in Wisconsin, too, but have thankfully had rain. But we just came from Illinois where it's parched, dry, and folks are crabby, too. Hang in there, we're pulling for ya. Remember, as Red Green says,"We're all in this together!"

  14. Wishing you a very happy birthday, Susan. And doing a rain prayer for you too! Wish I could send our drippy foggy skies to you. Xoxo Christine

  15. Happy Birthday, Susan!!! I bet all you want for your birthday is a great big wonderful soaking rainstorm. If I could, I would wrap it up in a big bow and send it to you. (We could use rain here, too, but at least the temps have cooled down a bit. What a relief!)

    I do hope you have a wonderful, happy birthday! And thank you so much for sharing your wonderful farm photos with us - I think we all just love them!!!

  16. The lettuce looks delicious. Mine is done - done, that is, unless the cooler temperatures come back for a while. Thank you for sharing the photos!

  17. HB2U, Susan, read your comments about the rain dance so am flinging myself around my NYC apartment (much to the displeasure of my downstairs neighbors) hollering for more sky water for you.

  18. After four years of dry summers it seems this year will be normal for us out here in the PNW! I got tired of seeing my plants die. But now, ahhhhh....


  19. Beagle Bert is one happy (and handsome) lookin' puppy dog!

  20. Happy Birthday Susan!! :)
    I hope you got a nice soaking rain for your birthday present!

  21. I'm glad to got at least the little rain you did. We had a terrible drought with an awfully hot year last year. This year has been much better. I'll hold out hope that this year improves for you all and that next year is better yet.

  22. Happy belated birthday!
    We only got a minute of rain so the grass still crunches under foot!


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