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Tail End of the Week: Get Your Friday Farm Fix #18

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(18-1) Lokey's little chicks love to perch -
Six of Lokey's chicks practice their perching

You know I'm not a fan of summer weather, but even I can't believe how fast these weeks are zipping by. It's the middle of July already? Things around the farm are pretty much the same as they were last week. While I was sorting through photos for this post I found several that look remarkably like some of the ones in last week's Friday Farm Fix, right down to Joe wearing the same favorite yellow shirt.

We've mostly been hiding from the heat and hoping we'll get more rain so the grass in the grazing pastures and hayfield will grow. When we drove to town the other day it looked like the cattle in the fields along the highway were grazing on brown putting greens. Everybody is wondering what we're going to do.

The highlight of the week was definitely when a quick check in the garden yesterday confirmed that the liberal dousing of diatomaceous earth did scare away the hundreds of ravenous blister beetles that attacked on my birthday. Yes! The trick is to put it on and around your plants as soon as you see the first beetles. To learn about the many ways we use this safe, 100% natural, inexpensive stuff around the farm and garden (we even take a daily dose ourselves), check out this post.

I had a fun half day off for my birthday, which included cake, champagne, grilled homegrown rib steaks, the first two ripe tomatoes from the garden, local cucumbers and zucchini, homemade onion rye bread slathered with butter, more cake, and a frenzy of music downloads.

Yep, I've finally discovered how easy it is to buy music online (we don't get enough monthly bandwith to stream music from YouTube, etc.). I mean, who can resist Bob Marley for 25 cents? All sorts of new and old favorites are now blasting out of my computer. I think I've played Lucky Now and Somebody That I Used To Know at least 45 times each.

After listening to Todd Boston's Touched By the Sun about 150 times, I finally bought the whole album, which was produced by Will Ackerman, whose music I fell in love with back in 1983 when he came to my high school and played The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter.

I also bought a neat little julienne peeler (which hasn't arrived yet) and finally ordered a Furminator for the dogs. Too cool. Ten year old Lucky Buddy Bear, who never lets you brush him, loves it. I came downstairs one morning and found a smiling Joe and Bear sitting on the floor together with a giant pile of fur next to them.

Lots of birthday fun. And there's even a little cake left in the freezer.

14 more farm photos below. Hover over each picture for a description. . .

(18-2) Beagle Bert, junior stock dog helping out on Sheep Working Sunday -

(18-3) Beagle Bert, junior stock dog helping out on Sheep Working Sunday -

(18-5) Anybody in there -

(18-6) The first ripe tomatoes are tasty little mystery volunteers -

(18-7) Topaz and Mr. Fancy Pants hanging out at the water dish -

(18-8) Bert and Bear on chicken watch -

(18-9) Luring the sheep away from Donkeyland and back towards the barn -

(18-10) Gnat, Esmeralda, and Gus looking for treats in Donkeyland -

(18-11) Gnat, Esmeralda, and Gus getting a little impatient in Donkeyland -

(18-12) We have three wild turkey mama hens living in the hayfield -

(18-13) Finally, treat time in Donkeyland -

(18-14) Pan fried new potatoes with red onion and herbs from the kitchen garden -

(18-15) Morning in the hayfield, one of my favorite views on the farm -

I hope you're enjoying the weekend!

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  1. I've been following you for a few years (yes YEARS!). Only one is it possible that you can have a "free-ranging" beagle that appears to be chubby??? I only mention this (and please don't say anything to him!) because I had a beagle and know all about them!!! Cheers!

  2. This heat and drought is killing the Midwest. I feel your pain, sista. Praying for rain here, too!

  3. The row of chicks is so very cute.

  4. Really great photos! But, I see lots of humidity and dried grasses. Same here in New England but temps are not as high as where you are. I just cracked up reading the comment about Bert's chubbiness. We had a beagle who lived to be 14. He was not "free ranging" but he was on a strict diet. They could eat their way into oblivion!

  5. The picture of the perching chicks should be on a greeting card or a calendar! :)
    Those 'taters look soooo good!

  6. Love your Farm Photos - I laughed too at 'free-ranging Bert!' We love him so!! I'm still hoping and praying for rain for you (us too!) - this has been one HOT summer so far. (I'm sooo looking forward to fall! - my favorite season of all!)

  7. Those chicks look adorable! And pretty proud of themselves too :)



    I am jealous out here in Green Tomato Land.


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