Thursday, July 5

Thursday Dose of Cute: Hot Mint Chicken

Hot mint chicken (not a recipe) -
(not a recipe)

More chickens? Here.
More little chicks? Here.

©, where some of us are hoping for a really early frost. Like next week. It's only 101 degrees in the shade, but it feels like about 1001 in the sun. Stay cool if you can!


  1. Of course, I thought it was recipe...a strange recipe! But the photo isn't strange! It's great!

  2. Like DollZandThingZ, at first I too thought this was going to be a weird recipe. :-) As always, beautiful chickens! I'd have about 40 if I had the space.

    Farmgirl, forgive me if you've already covered this in another post, but I have a homemade pizza question. I'm making my first ever dough from scratch, and want to know... do I really NEED a pizza stone? Inquiring minds on a budget want to know.

    Since this is the first time I've done it, I'd hate to buy a really nice stone and then not use it much. I do have a 14" perforated aluminum "pizza pan" that I use to heat up various frozen convenience foods; it seems to make things pretty crispy. Any suggestions? Or a URL?

    Thanks for your help, as always! :-)

  3. How very funny! Like both DollZ and Rachael, I too, thought this was another great Farmgirl Susan recipe! I thought of all people, you might be able to sell me on mint chicken, haha. To Rachael, a fella I adore posted about using a block of ceramic tiles from the Depot in lieu of a pizza stone. May I post the link here? Susan, if you don't know Kevin, I think you'd love him.

    Oh, love the hot chicken picture. Glad to know mine aren't the only ones who hang their poor mouths open in oppressive heat. Still praying for rain for you!

  4. I'm thinking of you too! I heard on the Weather Channel that 56% of the country is in a drought! Which probably means that most of the rest of the country isn't far behind. Well, the mid-Atlantic states might be doing better as far as rain, but they have had a whole list of other issues.

    It's pretty hot here too over 100 today,

  5. I was thinking of your sheep, Carey or Cary. Will you update us? The weather you are having is terrible.

  6. We are finally getting some rain here. Our 100-degree heat is usually a DRY heat, except during the rainy season. But we'll take the rain whenever we can get it!!


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