Thursday, September 13, 2007

Farm Photo 9/13/07:
One Hardworking Beagle

Weeding Supervisor at 3:17 pm

Weeding Supervisor at 3:24 pm

It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. And because nobody gets away with having only one job around here, Robin was, among other things, also this year's Haying Supervisor.

Robin's big beagle smile is infectious, and she emanates sheer joy and an exuberance for life during every waking moment. Everything is an adventure, and nothing gets her down. I often remind myself that I need to be more like this wonderful little dog.

It's been almost eleven years since Robin came trotting into my heart on her half-frozen baby puppy paws--and every day since I've been so very grateful that she did.

Want to see more?
You'll find plenty of other photos of Robin here. And you can read about how she turned up all those years ago

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  1. She is SO darling! I loooove dogs, and she is wonderful!

  2. When I first saw the caption I read: Wedding supervisor...
    that's an entirely different job! Don't know what I was thinking, no, I am not getting any ideas. He's cute!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing her big beagle smile. It brightened up my day, too.

  4. What a great dog!

  5. That dog's smile is like no other.

  6. Please tell me if you can figure out how to get that dog to eat 3 dogs just run through it!

  7. Thanks so much for the laugh today. That is is cutest thing - and she is a cute sweet looking both are lucky to have each other

  8. It is good to see you putting everyone to work. You've got to earn your keep on a farm! And her smile is infectious. This is why I want to get Southdown Sheep. Have you seen their smiling faces? I don't see how anyone could be down with those faces around.

  9. Looks like she has every thing firmly under control. She's adorable and oviously takes things very seriously. I think your both lucky in so many ways.

  10. Hi Susan! I hope you don't mind...but I forwarded your Farmgirl Fare blog & your Writings At Windridge website to a friend of mine who co-owns a writing group that writes & publishes books :)

    I've commented before that I thought your writings ought to be published. So if you get a random contact from a Texas writing group...I gave them your links. I think Tammy or Fiona may contact you :)

  11. Oops...not Fiona...her name is Freda. Sorry :) Watching Shrek with my son at the same time as typing isn't a good idea I guess!

  12. What would farm life be like without at least one dog?

    Each of our five dogs have special jobs, too. However, I have to admit most don't really live up to their billing.

    The ONLY one allowed to run loose is just short of losing her privileges, but "Mom" is easy... she thinks it's cute to watch her say "hello" to the chickens and sheep.

  13. I love smiling dogs. It amazes me that some people can't tell when a dog is smiling. (Or embarrassed with a bad haircut.)

    : D

  14. Robin's face expression is unique! She is very sweet looking and ever so cute! A brave dog...

  15. What a wonderful supervisor to have as your weeding. That face HAS to keep you going when things get a bit tedious. Our cat, Dexter, is our laundry supervisor and it makes the chore go by much easier. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  16. Of course Robin has the stalwart back up of the Lucky Buddy Bear - each animal has special attribute - and Robin's grin is a HOOT! Good to be catching up on Susan's farm doings.

  17. Robin is my favorite!!!

  18. Robin looks an adorable companion!

  19. Ya gotta stop working that puppers so hard! hello from another Missourian!


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