Monday, September 3

Farm Photo: 9/3/07


Lucky Buddy Bear is half Australian Shepherd and half English Shepherd. Most of the time he's much more interested in his flock of sheep than all the crazy squirrels around here, but he does like to give them a top speed run for their money. I have no doubt that someday I'll see Bear head straight up a tree after one.

You'll find Bear stories & lots more photos

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  1. My favorite is to watch the squirrels take running leaps to anywhere, trees, fence posts, etc., to get away just in the nick of time.

  2. Just had to say hello. Today is my birthday....the big 60!!!

    Thank you for always bringing smiles to my day, everyday. Your animals, food, flowers and all sorts of everyday things makes everyone happy.

  3. Love it! My pooches think they can catch the big birds around us. Amazing. If we thought like that, we would all be millionaires.

    Hilton Head Popcorn Co.

  4. I just love seeing doggies having fun outdoors, doing what doggies love doing best. Please have a look at my dogblog a few days ago, hope you enjoy!

  5. Oh my, what an intense look! It is quintessential doggy-looking-at-squirrel! I love it! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  6. Aww, Bear is a gorgeous dog! :) Australian Shepherds are my fave breed of dog :-)

  7. Hello there,
    Bear is adorable, I love working dogs. I have border collies and a healer bc mix. Such good dogs, they would love to join bear in his squirrel patrol. I love my animals, and love to hear about the antics of others critters too.
    Thanks for a wonderful blog, I love to come here.

  8. I love to read about your animal friends! It is as my husband would tell me, "you have found your blog!" I see our animal friends the same way---full of individualities. There are no squirrels here but our dogs would run after field mice for their exercise. They haven't caught anyone of them so I guess it is just for fun. I really do not know for the mice :-).

  9. Our dogs love to chase squirrels. We cannot even say the word around them, so we just refer to the "SQs". So far, they have only caught two (out of a great many tries) and were they surprised when they did!

    Thanks for a great blog.

  10. I think my Mads is part Australian Shepherd (and so did the folks at the animal shelter where we adopted her). I love seeing the photo of the Bear, and to see my own little "bear" as well. :)

  11. Awww. What an adorable dog!

  12. What a gorgeous dog! And doesn't he look striking against that lush green backdrop?! :-)


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