Tuesday, September 11

Farm Photo 9/11/07:
Cavorting Around On A Zinnia

Fauna & Flora In The Kitchen Garden

Speaking of the kitchen garden, after an unplanned two month hiatus (where does the time go?), I'm back to posting at InMyKitchenGarden.com, the garden blog I started as an offshoot to Farmgirl Fare back in the spring of 2006.

You'll find my latest post, "Planning & Planting The Fall Garden" (which includes about a zillion links to help you plant your own fall crops as well as enjoy the bounty of late summer) here. If you do stop over for a visit, I hope you'll leave a comment and share your successes, failures, and lessons learned this year in your garden. Love food but not a gardener yet? Find out why you'll still probably enjoy In My Kitchen Garden here.

Want to see more?
You'll find all sorts of other flower photos
here. Several also include Lamb Reports since they were taken during spring lambing season.

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  1. Gorgeous zinnia! You have such an eye for good pictures.

    Just posted on InMyKitchenGarden...how are Whitey and the by-now-half-grown babies? Cluck-cluck-cluck!

  2. LOVE that zinnia ... mine were a complete failure this year, as in most years ... and even when I succeed, they're small and not what's imagined. Any tips? And is that one named? Or part of a mixed packet? (You see, I'm determined to keep trying!)


  3. Hi Miss Kitty,
    Thanks so much. And thanks for all the garden news you left in your comment over at In My Kitchen Garden. I think support between struggling gardeners is definitely important! : )

    As for Whitey and her "by-now-half-grown babies"--actually, they're a little bigger than than. In fact, several of them are bigger than Whitey! I'm so behind on Whitey Watch reports it's ridiculous. I took some wonderful photos this evening, but it was getting dark, and I'm not sure if there was enough light--I'm too lazy and impatient to use anything besides the auto setting on my camera!

    Hi Joanna,
    For some stupid reason, I haven't grown zinnias in years. In fact, I've hardly grown any flowers in years. Zinnias have always done pretty well for me, and they stubbornly survive our hot and humid summers without as long as they're watered.

    I'm not sure what your trouble is. Maybe it's not hot and sunny enough in the beautiful UK? (I'm so envious!) I definitely think you should keep trying, though. Perhaps a different variety would work better.

    Zinnias come in all shapes and sizes and colors. I usually buy mixed packets. One of my favorites was called "Persian Carpet." They were all the small, button-type flowers in deep dark oranges, maroons, and other colors straight out of Persian carpets. They were striking and so different from the usual bright colors--which I love, too.

    I ordered those seeds from Pinetree Garden Seeds, a wonderful company I've been ordering from for a dozen years. What's nice is that they specialize in smaller packets for the backyard gardener who doesn't have a lot of space, and most cost under a dollar. So it won't break the bank--or try your space limits--when you go overboard ordering each winter!(I'm not the only one who does that, right?) I'm pretty sure they ship internationally.

    Anyway, another mixture from them I like is the Lilliput Mix. Again, button type flowers but these are cheerful bright colors. Lots and lots of flowers that bloom over a long period of time. That's my kind of plant.

    As for what type the zinnia in this photo is, I'm sorry to say I don't know for certain. I threw a bunch of packets of flower seeds in one of my raised beds this year, and several were zinnias. But I've narrowed it down at least, LOL. There's a very slight chance they might be "Envy," purchased from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, my other favorite seed company, but that was an ancient packet so it's doubtful.

    More likely it's part of the State Fair Mix, another one from Pinetree, though while the plants are indeed the described four feet tall, the flowers are definitely not six inches. That's why I can't say for sure what it is--besides nice to look at!

    Does this help at all? : )

  4. The composition and color on this photo is just spectacular! It is truly nature at its finest. Thank you for sharing... again. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage


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