Sunday, September 23

Farm Photo 9/23/07: Hello Autumn!

A Hint Of Color Heading Down The Driveway

It's hot and humid and still feels like summer, but last week's cold snap hinted at the cozy days and cozy food to come, and we let out our annual Summer Sigh Of Relief. This morning I paused long enough to take a good look around and realized that the wooded walls that make up our little valley are quietly changing from green to yellow. A pleasant breeze sends lazy flurries of tiny leaves onto the grass.

The calendar says autumn is here. The farm says soon. Very soon.

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Want to know what to do with all those green tomatoes?
Make my simple salsa-like
Green Tomato Relish!

In My Kitchen Garden:
I'm wondering what to do with purple basil. Got any ideas?

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  1. I hear ya, FarmGirl. Bring on autumn! This summer's six weeks of temps at or above 100 degrees has soured me on least until next year.

    And, as always, gorgeous photo.

  2. Your driveway photo reminds me of home, which to me means the farm where I grew up, in south-central Missouri. It was 500 acres reachable by a gravel road, similar to the driveway in your photo except grass grew between the tire tracks. We were 10 miles from a grocery store, 50 miles from other conveniences. My mom took time, as you do, to bring a sense of bounty and beauty into our young lives. Really love all of your farm photos. They take me back.

  3. I love roads like this. When we lived in a small town (door County, Wisconsin), I always loved the drive to and from the house to get anywhere. It was just that lovely.

  4. That is a beautiful photo! :) I love autumn colours, but sadly I don't get to see them very often since I live on the coast of Australia. I used to live in the mountains three hours from here, and the poplars would be beautiful... :) *memories...* I do miss it.
    I am very glad I cam across your blog! I enjoy reading about everything, especially the animal escapades.

  5. What a beautiful vista! It's a scene right out of my parents' wooded acres in Oregon, where my basset hounds live roam free.

    Ellen P.

  6. What a wonderful picture! I love Autumn...
    Here, the trees are also turning yellow.

  7. I love your picture!
    Btw, can you stop over to my blog to pick up an award? :)

  8. I grew up with a driveway like this. :)

  9. what an awesome picture!

  10. ohmygosh! i love it! i love everything about autumn!!! (especially the vegetables:)

  11. I just love tree-lined lanes!

  12. I love fall. It drives me mad every year to leave my skin and begin anew sometime in spring. I love the crispness, the colors, the coolness of the air.


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