Sunday, September 30

Farm Photo 9/30/07: It's A Stock Dog's Life

Lamb Love For Lucky Buddy Bear

Lucky Buddy Bear is half Australian Shepherd and half English Shepherd. He loves his sheep--and sometimes they love him back.

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You'll find more Bear photos
here. Scenes from Lambing Season 2006 and Lambing Season 2007 are here and here.

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  1. this photograph of these two is beyond wonderful. I LOVE it.

  2. Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! That is so precious: forehead to forehead.

  3. Enjoyed all the pictures of the wonder dog and his sheep.

  4. What a sweet picture - the one of the squash blossom butterfly is beautiful - what a rare find -

    Speaking of squash - I'll be making your pumpkin raisin muffins for church next week (we are in charge of snacks) - and a couple of other pumpkin recipes - I have about 20 1# pkgs of pumpkin left in the freezer from last year and the Shepherd/Gardner is just about ready to harvest this years crop - EEEK!

    Hope you are enjoying the fall. T.

  5. Buddy should inspire all canine and sheep to form such a bond. My Border collies love sheep but could take a few lessons from the Budster LOL.

  6. I cannot to live on a farm - just a few more years I hope! That picture makes me want it even more...

  7. That is the sweetest photo--eliciting a huge "AWWWWWW" from me and my daughter. Lucky you always have your camera with you!!

  8. My heart is so touched by the photo but also by the description of it. It makes me almost tear up! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  9. I loves the Lucky Bear - he is my kinda guy - very strong and assertive but gentle when the occasion calls for tender. Woo Hoo! Thanks Susan - my awww fix for the day!

  10. that is soooo sweet!!

  11. love, love, love this sweet moment

  12. this would be sooo nice as a poster tacked on my kitchen! thanks for sharing such moving moments :-)!

  13. Great photo ...

    I've nominated you for a nice award - you'll find it on my blog


  14. cute! What love!

  15. My goodness that's adorable. How is Cary doing? Will she be ready for creating a new generation soon?

  16. Hee hee. That made my night!

  17. When cats rub faces they are greeting each other. I wonder what this means?!! A superb photograph.
    sara from farmingfriends

  18. Kisses to your sweet dog- what a love!

  19. Look me in the eye when you say you love me, Bear!

  20. It looks to me like buddy bear didn't want to wrestle with lamb love! That's what our pup does when someone wants to play and she's too tired. Absolutely adorable photo, you have a great eye!


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