Tuesday, September 18

Farm Photo: 9/18/07

A Peaceful Slice Of Life

Two years ago today I posted my
100th Daily Farm Photo, which is still one of my all time favorites. (There's just something about sunflowers . . .) I've actually lost track of where I'm at now, since I no longer put up a new photo every day, though I'd like to get back to doing it.

As I
mentioned recently, it's hard to believe I've taken something like 15,000 photographs since I started this blog in June 2005. It's also hard to believe I've been blogging for over two years. It flies by so quickly, doesn't it?

When I posted the 100th Daily Farm Photo I wrote, So do you think I'll make it to number 1,000? Or will I run out of subject material long before that?

Two years, two cameras, and 15,000 photos later, I have a sneaking suspicion the answers to those questions just might be yes and no.

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7/2/06: Summertime & The Swingin' Is Easy (Okay, I thought today's photo, taken yesterday, seemed really familiar, and now I finally see why. I just re-discovered this eerily similar photo taken & posted back in July 2006. Oops. Maybe I have run out of subject matter!)
11/23/06: Thankful To Call This Place Home

100th Daily Farm Photo
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  1. What a stunningly beautiful photo! It's a really special one - deserves to be framed.

  2. Wow, 15,000 photos! What an excellent archive for now and the future. And such beautiful and interesting photos at that.

    I've very much enjoyed your blog, especially the farm and garden bits. I hope to try some of the recipies eventually, as I LOVE to cook, just don't make the time for it. Thank you!

  3. I'm hoping that you actually get out and swing in your tree from time to time. :-) It always makes me feel better to do so...except I have to go to the local playground, and the kids look at this 33-year-old lady like she's lost her mind. Because, you know, "old" people don't play on the swings.

    What a beautiful snapshot! Here's to many, many more Daily (or Every-Other-Daily) Farm Photos to come.

  4. What a wonderful photograph. It "says" so much without saying a thing. Thank you for re-sharing it so newcomers like me could enjoy it! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  5. How many memories does that picture bring to me....
    Isn't it fun to look at the light differences in all the different "same" picture of that swing?

  6. Wonderful picture - emphasizing the natural beauty of your part of the world - and adding that whimsy touch - very cool Miz FG. Glad to have you blogging - you mean a lot to many people. Thanks!Oh I echo Miss Kitty - you need to be in that swing sometime!

  7. I love this photo. I'm still hoping you might come out with a Farmgirl Calendar some day. You could do two: one general, and one Cary!

  8. Whoever designed and built that swing really knew what they were doing.

    There's a reason so many tree swings are just tires hanging from a single rope. To construct one that can swing level from a crooked branch takes real skill!

  9. You certainly put a lot of effort into your photos. I really appreciate your work and reading your blog is a beautiful experience!

  10. I loved this photo just asmuch the 1st time. A repeat of it is always welcome! I'm curious, do you know what kind of trees those are in the photo? They're beautiful.

  11. I'd like to fly up to the sky, what a better way to do it than on a swing. Yours is wonderful 100th time or 1000th time. Every picture of the swing is beautiful. I like to think of you sitting and swinging and planning what to bake next.

  12. What an absoultely dreamy photo...everything looks so lush and vibrant. We have had awful luck with some of my beloved mature pines this year, and have lost many of them to drought and insect damage. I am a tree hugger, and seeing beautiful healthy trees and landscapes makes me happy. :-)

  13. Just found your blog. I'm another Ozark farmgirl. I have a small farm in West Fork, AR where I happily live with my dogs, cat, free range chickens, no kids, and my own well-fed farmboy.

    It's fun reading about your adventures in farming and knowing that other people are enjoying "the simple life" as much as I am.

  14. I love that photo Susan! Bravissssssssima!

  15. I'm from Southern Ca. and it's wonderful to see that places like this still exist in America! We are so wall-to-wall concrete down here. I want desperately to swing in the inviting swing!



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