Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Dose of Cute: Get into Trouble? Who, Me?

Not on a Monday!

©, the totally innocent foodie farm blog where a big snow and ice storm is on the way, and we need to take an all day trip into town to stock up on supplies—without Beagle Bert. We're leaving him outside under the supervision of his buddy Bear, with Daisy and Marta as backup—and all the chickens (we hope) safely secured. Hooves, paws, fingers, and chicken feet crossed that all stays well while we're gone!


  1. I don't normally comment, but love reading your posts.
    But feel like telling you that pup is just too cute!
    : )
    Have a great day!

  2. Sweet Bert! Any news on his tail?

  3. All that ice and a foot of snow is about to hit us up in the KC area too! Hope that all your animals and your two stay safe and can ride it out!

    Also Bert looks absolutely adorable and like he is growing up fast!

  4. Good luck! Let us know how everything was when you get/got back! :)

  5. i don't know. that pup has some big legs and paws. i think he's going to be a big'un.

  6. Looking forward to watching that baby grow. What a sweet face !~!

  7. He is so cute! I hope he behaves!

  8. He's looking like trouble on a stick to me.

  9. Bert is one cute beagle!

  10. Are you trusting your new little pup will not run away while you are gone?


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