Tuesday, February 1

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Ahem

Bear and Bert 2

Bear and Bert 3

Bear and Bert 4

Bear and Bert 5

Bear and Bert 6
Just whose puppy ball is this?

Bear and Bert 7

Yay! Yesterday's all day trip to town to stock up on supplies while Beagle Bert was left out loose on the farm was (thankfully!) a rousing success, although Bert did let us know that it was way past his bedtime by the time we finally got home (he likes to retire early). Everything and everyone survived, and now we're all hunkering down around the woodstove as the wind howls, the sleet/ice/snow pile up outside, and the temperature drops to a predicted (and totally insane to this California girl brain) -20 degrees with the windchill. Everything is already encased in ice, which always looks so beautiful, and there are about seven layers of vintage quilts and blankets awaiting us on the bed. Goodnight!

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  1. Really hope you both and all the animals remain warm and safe through this, the umpteenth winter storm to cross the midwest and east this winter. We, on the west coast, apologize for the rainy weather here turning into what it has for you. Better days ahead for all.

  2. Hope you are all staying warm!! I know we are sure getting snowed in here in KC, but thank goodness for quilts and puppies to help keep us warm!!

  3. Susan, your adorable animal photos, especially the dog ones, always make me smile and warm my heart! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yes, please stay safe and warm. We are expecting those kind of wind chills here in NY on Thursday night. Blankets, afghans and quilts are so comforting when the wind howls and the temperatures plummet. BTW, I'm loving the pics of Bert!

  5. Bert is adorable as is the lovely shepherd. I'm sorry to be a mother hen, but I can't help it - those small balls are really dangerous for a dog Bear's size. I know someone whose dog was playing with one and a ball like that slipped down his throat and he suffocated before they could get it out. Just something to think about!

    I can't get my blogger profile to ever load here to let me leave a comment so I'll just be anonymous!

    Jan J.

  6. It's Bear's, of course. The hardest working dog gets all the best toys. Bert will learn.

    Be careful doing chores. Do you have some crampons for your shoes?

  7. Looks like Bert is having a bad "ear" day!

  8. Lol, yeah I want to reach through my computer screen and flip that ear over. And -20, whew! Hope you have your winter tires on for those trips into town...

  9. Running w/ the rest of the pack has sure slimmed Bert up! Looking good!

  10. Glad he was a good boy.

    Bear says "what ball"?

  11. Hope you survived the latest winter storm. It has been and intereting winter this year, hasn't it?

    Beagle Bert and Buddy Bear are just too cute together. Love the pictures and thank you for sharing them with us.

  12. That darn ear is so so cute. Love the pics. Have a warm evening under all those quilts. Spring is just around the corner.

  13. I'm glad that Bert was a good boy all day. Not surprised that he was ready for bed. Our Peanut tells us, positively, that it's bed time and no doubt about it. However, SHE wants me to go to bed with her and will not settle until I am there, too!


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