Monday, August 05, 2013

Monday Farm Photos: Have You Ever Seen A Dragonfly Up Close?

Dragonfly up close (1) -

8 more photos below. . .

Dragonfly up close (2) -

Dragonfly up close (3) -

Dragonfly up close (4) -

Dragonfly up close (5) -

Dragonfly up close (6) -

Dragonfly up close (7) -

Dragonfly up close (8) -

Dragonfly up close (9) -

Have an amazing week.

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©, loving the return of Dragonfly Days, constantly in awe of the natural world around us—and the need to slow down in order to truly see it.


  1. Great photos Susan. There is one in particular where it looks like the dragon fly its turning its head to look at you and saying
    "do you mind?"

  2. What wonderful shots! I've always thought dragonflies were very cool.

  3. As I am typing this there is a tiny bug flying around probably from bananas. These photos are just amazing. I love your emails. I need to spend more time on your site. I wish I were there.

  4. Stick bugs are cool too. Was it you who showed us a big one being hand fed some time back ?~! An astonishing run of photos-quality work like you do, Suzanne.

    1. No, that wasn't me, but it sounds like a neat photo!

  5. I've always loved dragonflies- don't see as many of them as I did in my childhood. The NY Times wrote an excellent article about them on April 13, 2013 and there are wonderful videos showing the independent movement of their wings when flying. Definitely worth the read. Such mesmerizing creatures.

    1. Thanks, Jane - that article sounds great! I agree - dragons are truly mesmerizing.

  6. Awesome photos! Looks like quite an armored mechanism that the wings attach to. Aren't God's designs amazing?

  7. Funnily enough, I was standing on 14th Street last night at the height on NY rush hour, waiting for a bus, and happened to notice, zooming calmly in and out of the crush of cars, pedicabs, taxis, trucks, motorcycles and jaywalking pedestrians (everything but the bus I needed!), a very large black dragonfly. I watched it, fascinated, until it disappeared, wondering where it had come from and where it was going, and I hope it got there safely. Even my crazy city can sometimes surprise with bursts of unexpected Nature!

  8. What terrific pics.
    Loving dragonflies here too.

  9. I love all of your posts, especially the animals. This one is fantastic! What kind of camera do you use? The detail is beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much. For the last three years I've been using a Canon PowerShot G11 which I love. This is my third Canon PowerShot camera, and they've all been great.

      If you're a point and shoot kind of person, I definitely recommend them. I am technically challenged and take all of my photos on the AUTO setting. This also makes it easier to quickly capture cute critter moments.

      Of course that model is already obsolete, as is the next one. The newest version is the Canon PowerShot G15, which came out last year and sounds really nice. Apparently it does much better in low light conditions, which is one of the few areas where my G11 is lacking, but then again I only use it on the auto setting.

      I'm always amazed by the detail I'm able to get zooming in for close ups! :)

  10. Those eyes! And those wings! Awesome pictures.

  11. I love dragonflies! We don't get too many here but they are out this time of year keeping the mosquitos under control! What great pictures, love the wings!! :)

  12. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all your comments. I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing this dragonfly close up! :)

  13. i grew up with lots of dragonflies during the summer. there was always one resting on the clothes-line. we would leave a shallow dish of water for them. am still blow away by their beauty. thanks for the pictures.

  14. I have seen them up close: equal parts creepy and breathtakingly beautiful. The engineering of their bodies is incredible! They are so intricately made :) Thanks for sharing these pictures, they truly are stunning!


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